There are only 5 days until Christmas and Sun Cycle has brought in some good news for DIY PC builders and keyboard enthusiasts alike.

ASRock Z690 Motherboard

First off the list is ASRock’s official entrance to the Intel scene through the new Z690 motherboards featuring the Taichi, Extreme, and Steel Legend variants to go with the 12th gen Intel Core CPUs. To provide maximum support to Team Blue, all 3 new offerings have received several upgrades to give the new hybrid CPU better thermal efficiency while features like BIOS Flashback have been added to all to give all and upcoming Z690 boards the ability to future-proof for the next 5 to 7 years. Although still relatively expensive compared to the current mainstream platforms, the range of entry to premium class should provide enough leeways for interested buyers to take a step into next-gen computing.

Phanteks Glacier One MPH Black

For the liquid cooler, the Glacier One MP Halos Black model has entered with its superior cooling performance and silent operation thanks to the new silent Phanteks MP fans and 7th generation pump from Asetek that ensures stable cooling and longevity towards the operating parts. The available models for Malaysia include the dual-fan 240MP and 280MP together with the triple-fan 360MP.

Shurikey Hanzo EC V2

Now we are entering the special zone with the Shurikey Hanzo EC 2 mechanical keyboard which is the brand’s very first 65% layout keyboard that features the Varmilo EC V2 switches with EC stands for Electrostatic Capacitive that eliminates conventional switch’s jiggling mechanic to provide a real smooth and responsive input. With components including the top cases, rivets, knobs, kickstand being easily detachable, wireless connection of up to 3 devices at once, large battery, and premium build quality, this could be your end game.

Deepcool KB500

Shurikey’s too much for you? Then DeepCool’s first-ever TKL mechanical keyboard KB500 should seal the deal for you. A perfect match for gamers who requires great value and quality, the board runs Linear Red switches for a swift and smooth actuation for the fastest response. Despite being TKL, users can also remap any key towards all sorts of shortcuts, macros, and rapid-fire clicks to fulfill all sorts of gaming needs. Rounding up the gaming experience for the kit is the per-key RGB backlights, double-shot keycaps, and aluminum alloy casing.

Glorious Lube Kit

Sun Cycle also cracked news of bringing in the official Glorious Lube Kit that contains everything you need to lube your switches from the base station, G-Lube, keycap puller, lube brush, switch opener, and switch puller to make your lubing process more efficient.


For the keyboard duo Shurikey and DeepCool alongside the lube kit by Glorious, the pricing info is still TBA.

  • ASRock Z690
    • Taichi – RM2,769
    • Extreme – RM1,309
    • Steel Legend – RM1,210
  • Phanteks Glacier One
    • 360MP D-ARGB (Black) – RM779
    • 280MP D-ARGB (Black) – RM639
    • 240MP D-ARGB (Black) – RM585

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