Local distributor Sun Cycle has brought forward news of new products that they have brought into Malaysia this week. Let’s find out what are those.

Fractal Design Torrent

Tackling the list first for today is the Torrent PC casing by Fractal Design. It is created to match minimum sound levels together with exceptional heat dissipation performance and exclusively to the RGB edition, the front fans are 2 pieces of Prisma AL-18 while the bottom fans are the Prisma AL-14 coming in at 3 units. But overall, the general design provides plenty of breathing room and is suitable for both air and liquid cooling builds.

Glorious Model O and D Minus Wireless

Next up is the Glorious Model O and Model D Minus Wireless ambidextrous gaming mouse that provides a lagless connectivity and responsive gaming experience thanks to the proprietary BAMF sensor hosted within a super lightweight shell. The ‘Minus’ clause in the model name also defines its smaller form factor than the standard models which means gamers with smaller hands can opt-in for one of these instead.

Tecgear Sentinel 2K Webcam

Want an affordable webcam that captures you in stunning quality? Look no further than the Tecgear Sentinel 2K webcam with an autofocus feature that quickly locks onto you while the built-in light ring will make sure stand out from the rest that is also adjustable in terms of color temperature to accommodate different lighting sources. Additionally, you can easily install it on any desktop monitor or on top of any laptop thanks to the universal mounting clip.

Tecgear Monitor Stand

Tecgear’s Riser Monitor Stand also enters the fray as a sturdy bumper for your display as it can handle up to 10kg of weight at once with anti-slipping pads under the table feet to stabilize your entire setup. Just make sure your table is not wobbly in the first place and you’re good to go.

Tecware Omni P12 P14 Fan Pack

Closing off the list is Tecware’s Omni P12 and P14 PWM fans that intake or exhaust fans at around 800 to 1800RPM and they can be connected with multiple ARGB devices via the Omni Hub central unit to get every RGB effect under control.

Pricing and Availability

Good news and bad news. The bad news is the mouse is still within the preparation phase so it is not available at the moment but the good news is the rest of the announced products have already swarmed the market at the following price as we speak!

  • Fractal Design Torrent
    • RGB Black TG Light Tint – RM1,099
    • Gray TG Light Tint – RM899
  • Tecgear Sentinel 2K Webcam – RM159
  • Tecgear Riser Monitor Stand – RM69
  • Tecware Omni P12 Fans (Pack of 3) – RM89 (Black/White)
  • Tecware Omni P14 Fans (Pack of 2) – RM79 (Black/White)

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