Local distributor Sun Cycle has brought in new news regarding a couple of new items from DeepCool and EVGA. Let’s take a look at what are those.

DeepCool CF 120

First up is DeepCool’s CF 120, a new fan that carries the properties of PWM and RGB via a single daisy-chainable cable with a 6-pin connector. Packed together is a new fan design that promises improved airflow and reduced noise that delivers both good cooling and easy cable management in a single package.

EVGA X15 X25

Next up is EVGA’s new X15 and X20 gaming mouse that sports a native 8K polling rate for super fast input and a triple sensor setup that take cares of the X, Y and Z axis (How far the mouse is being lifted off) to make sure that the position of the mouse is accurately tracked to the best. The side panel is also swappable with a variety of hotkeys to suit different kinds of game genres.


The last thing is also from EVGA which is the XR1 lite capture card that is capable of handling a 4K/60 signal pass through while capturing the footage in 1080p FHD with its compact design and USB 3.0 connector that can also be connected with a high-quality DLSR camera for a more flexible streaming option.


A bit of a bummer, all these items are still currently within the preparation and finalization phase so we have neither the official pricing and launch period.


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