It was a surprise when Roots Asia forwarded an invite to the WeChat 2015 New Year Party. Happened in Sheraton Imperial Hotel on 29 January 2015, lets get to breaking down what went on that day 😉

I arrived there early so yeah the registration counter was pretty bare. But I did get a simple goodies bag.
No idea what character is this, maybe frequent WeChat users could enlighten me? this was just beside the entrance to the party BTW.
The stage and setup of the event. I was promised entertainment, good food, games and lucky draw! what more could a party have right?
Here is one of the games booth, set up to educate people of the function of the WeChat app and to have fun of course. First take a picture here…
And move to this little station here where you can have the photo taken previously printed by scanning the QR code displayed on screen… Cool!
Booth No.2 will require you to ‘follow’ some of these vendors in WeChat.
And booth 3 will have… erm… something (we were asked to create emoticons out of our own pictures) 
 And here is the last station, the task?  play some games! picture above shows the staff hard at work setting up the booth BTW. Completion of the tasks at these booths will entitle you to the lucky draw at the end so I guess that’s everyone’s “carrot”.

After some time, more guests arrive to participate on the activities.
A new printing revolution!… maybe..
And here is someone finishing up on the games booth… sure looks like she’s having fun.
The crowd at the party is building up. Meanwhile refreshments are served all around.
The emcee for the night announced that it is time to begin the formalities shortly after that.
A brief intro, welcoming the guests and members of the media.
Angie Tan, Director of Business Development for WeChat Malaysia takes to the stage and gave her speech. Sharing about the developments that went about in 2014. Highlight of the speech is a video showing the collaboration between Linq Hotel & Casino with WeChat where guests of the hotel will be able to interact and control the room functions via the WeChat app! very cool indeed.
After that enlightening speech, dinner is served! Here are some of the pastries by Sheraton Imperial. 
Guests get to mingle around while having their meal.
And entertainment is provided live by this talented singer, Kamelia Syermain who did a cover so Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ and also a Bahasa Malaysia song of her own creation. Check her out at seventeeneleven youtube channel.
As the lucky draw session began, they started with the power banks. 
For the bigger prizes, the WeChat Shake function determined the winner. Participants will have to literally shake their phones with the function on and whoever’s name is the first to appear will be the lucky winner.
Lucky winner number one.
And another lucky winner receives an Acson air conditioner.
2 more prizes and Amy Tan takes to the stage again to give out 2 iPads.
First winner was picked via a random selection of the fanned out lucky draw 
And for the final winner, Amy tossed the remaining lucky draw entries into the air and catches one. It couldn’t be any fairer than that I suppose.
And here is the lucky winner!
All in all, it was a very entertaining and informative event and they even managed to get everyone to download and install WeChat on their smartphones (myself included). Who knows, maybe we’ll have an interactive hotel coming soon in Malaysia? 

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