AcBel Polytech, a well known OEM manufacturer that makes the power supply unit for many famous brands i.e: Dell, HP, Acer, etc. Due to the lack of exposure in the PC DIY scene, AcBel power supply unit is known only by experienced enthusiasts in the tech community. Not knowing there are actually some pretty kickass value oriented ones in the AcBel power supply unit lineup, majority of those who is more exposed to the well known brands will think that AcBel only produce power supply unit that output just suffice for the low end PC.
We’ll be taking a closer look at one of AcBel’s latest power supply unit today, the 80 plus gold rated AcBel iPower 90m 700W. Greatest thanks to Cudo Technologies in provision of the AcBel iPower 90m for today’s preview. 
(The SRP of the AcBel iPower 90m 700W is still yet to be confirmed with this article is being prepared.)
The front of the box has that classy look of a trust worthy 80 plus gold rated power supply that gives pretty convincing look at first glance. 
At the back of the box you’ll find details such as the type of connectors on the power supply, unique looking icons that gives a brief description on the features of the power supply. 
The Content

Modular cables 

  • 3 x SATA power connector cable 
  • 1 x 4pin molex power connector
  • 2 x 6+2pin PCIe power connector
Power Supply Unit

  • AcBel iPower 90m 700W


  • 4 x M3.5 screws
  • 1 x power cable

The Power Supply
The AcBel iPower 90m is marketed as a 80 plus gold rated efficiency power supply unit but the 90 Plus efficiency emblem on the fan grill is telling us that it can deliver more than what it is marketed to be.  
At the side of the PSU you’ll find the AcBel branding and the model name.

At the other side of the PSU we can find the power output details listed in a table. The AcBel iPower 90m 700W is capable of delivering 672W watts via the +12V rails, which is plenty much enough for most high-end graphics card, i.e: AMD R9 290X, AMD R9 280X, Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X, Nvidia GeForce GTX 980.

Just like any other semi-modular power supply unit we’ve seen, the AcBel iPower 90m has the indispensable 24-pin and 4+4pin power connector attached to unit. The 4-pin molex, SATA and PCIe power connector modular cables is made optional for better cable management.

The modular cable slot is also placed vertically to make cable management easier and reduce potential damage to the cables by bending side ways.
Testing & Conclusion
As Tech Critter do not own any industrial grade load tester to perform intensive tests on the power supplies on hand, we will be performing tests from the end user’s angle. 

We’ve mounted the AcBel iPower 90m 700W on our Vector Bench Case and have gone through numerous tests which involves stress test and overclocking various hardwares i.e: Intel i7 4770K / 4790K / 5960X, AMD R9 280X, Nvidia GTX Titan X, Nvidia GTX 980 – glad to report that no issues is encountered, it survived various stress test with no coil whine issue found throughout the testing period. 

Another test conducted is the Haswell ready low power state test. Instead of testing on the power supply on full load, we take its ability to handle the low power state with C6/C7 states enabled in the BIOS configuration. We’ve tried to put our system to standby mode / hibernate / sleep mode and resume the system from these state, glad to report that there’s no stability and compatibility issue as well.

Overall, the AcBel iPower 90m 700W deserves a recommended badge from!