At the same day of the announcement of DesignWorks VR conference, a special treat was prepared specially for the media partners – first hand VR experience on the Oculus CV1 and HTC Vive VR headsets.

Starting off with the Oculus CV1 from Oculus, due to various reasons we weren’t allowed to get any pictures on the content that is on demo that is deemed to be confidential for the moment – The few titles that is on demo includes the EVE Valkyrie, Edge of Nowhere, Chronos, AirMech VR, Lucky’s Tale, Herobound: Spirit Champion, VR Sports: Challanage, Esper or Damaged Core. 
The overall experience with the Oculus CV1 was good, but it will need some time for the user to adapt to the new experience as it will be a problem for those who aren’t use to this gaming environment. 
Our dear friend Bossmac from Back2Gaming enjoying himself in the world of VR
Up next is the HTC Vive, a truly mind blowing VR experience that can’t be expressed by mere words. We found ourselves standing on a sunken ship with a lots of sea creatures swimming around; writing and drawing lines in the mid air with various colors and effect; as well as the Aperture Science lab from Valve’s Portal.

All the demo we’ve experience shares few things in common; you get to move around the room and interact with the VR content. That’s right, it’s a whole new 360° VR experience that brings the fantasy to your room.

Above is the official video from NVIDIA on the GameWorks VR that briefly covers some of the demo we’ve experience during this event, titled ‘GameWorks VR Gives a Boost to Virtual Reality’.