Looking for great gift idea to make those around you who depends a lot on tech products – be it your friends, family and even yourself happier with the Christmas Celebration that is just around the corner? Look no further we have selected 10 items that will just probably do the trick!

Here’s 8 techy presents for anyone around you who have ever said these:

‘I need more storage on the go for my photography trip but carrying a laptop and extra SD card is just too troublesome for me..’ – WD My Passport Wireless 1.0TB, RM699.
Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 1
The WD My Passport Wireless features quick SD card content backup directly on the device itself so you can easily backup the content of your SD card without having to go through the hassle of plugging it to a card reader and a PC /Laptop. Other than the quick backup for SD card, the WD My Passport Wireless also features wireless streaming where its content can be shared with up to 8 devices that has WD My Cloud app installed. 
‘I have no intention of building a new PC just for this purpose, but I really need something that can allow me to share my movies, musics and photos with any devices in my house’ – WD My Cloud EX2100 8TB, RM2779.

Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 3
The WD My Cloud EX2100 is basically a 2-bay NAS from the WD My Cloud Expert series lineup that features easy to use user interface and is capable of up to 12TB of storage in total  (you need 2 unit of WD Red 6TB NAS drive). Like any My Cloud products, you can basically share the content in your drive with any device that has WD My Cloud app installed. 
Aside of the fancy NAS feature and easy to use GUI, it also features one touch backup, where the storage device connected to the front USB 3.0 port can get its content backed up with just a single push on the button located just above the USB 3.0 port. 
The best part of this is that the WD My Cloud EX2100 is capable of the widely used file downloading protocal i.e P2P, FTP, HTTP, etc so you won’t need to build a PC just for this very purpose!

‘I’m looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard with highly customizable RGB lighting.’ – Corsair Gaming K70 Cherry MX RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, RM779. 

Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 5

It took us long enough to wait for its arrival, the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is one of the most advanced Cherry MX RGB mechanical keyboard we’ve seen to date. 

The sky is the limit, but not the possibilities of the RGB profiles you can create with this keyboard. The constant RGB profile update from the Corsair forum community is one of the attraction. If you love indulging yourself in the RGB light show and constant RGB profile update from the community, this keyboard will definitely be the one to go for!

‘My gaming mouse still looks good on the exterior but too bad it’s no longer functioning because both of the left and right click died.’ – ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse, RM299.
Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 7
The ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse is pretty much the first and ever we’ve seen, that allows you to substitute faulty switches without having to go through all the hassle of soldering work. Instead of throwing your gaming mouse away because of faulty switches that strikes after the end of warranty period, getting the ROG Gladius that offers such feature will be a much wiser choice if longevity is your concern, as the replacement switches (D2FC-F7-N) can be easily purchased online i.e eBay, Taobao store, etc for less than RM1 per switch. 
‘I need a budget gaming headset that performs both as well on other entertainment purposes, but most gaming headset doesn’t really lives up to the standard…’ – Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset, RM239.
Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 9
The Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset is undoubtedly one of the best budget gaming headset we’ve tried this year. It offers a very reasonable sound quality, well balanced performance on both bass and clarity, good noise isolation and very comfortable to wear on even after long hours of usage. 
Its basically a torn down version of the HyperX Cloud 2, but if you don’t really need the extra boost of the 7.1 USB sound card, it works just as well for all your needs. At the price of RM239, the HyperX Cloud Core is definitely a worthy headset to own, more than most gaming headset that priced almost the same but failed to deliver the quality as what the HyperX Cloud Core could.
‘I’m interested in getting an iPad but the current iPad Air 2 is pretty costly for my budget.’ – iPad Mini 16GB, RM1599.

Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 11

Instead of aiming for the latest iPad Air 2 with limited budget, why not take a closer look at the closest alternative, the iPad Mini? The iPad Mini ships with the same Retina Display technology, supports the latest iOS and other similar features, but cost much lesser than the iPad Air 2 – iPad Mini 16GB (RM1599) vs. iPad Air 2 16GB (RM1999).

It’s no doubt that there are plenty of Android OS based tablet out there that cost few times cheaper than the iPad Air 2, but non of these tablet comes close to the actual iOS based device from Apple itself. 

‘I need a budget tablet device with decent performance and most importantly, upgradeable storage.’ – Mi Pad 16GB, RM699.

Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 13
From one of the most popular Android OS based smartphone maker, the Mi Pad from Xiaomi offers a fairly powerful tablet with decent specs, upgradeable storage, beautifully clean and simple UI and most of all, highly affordable price of RM699.

If you enjoy the freedom from Android OS and other more of its benefits more than what the Apple iOS based device users does, the Mi Pad with no doubt, will definitely fulfill pretty much every of your needs with ease.

‘I’m looking for a well performing budget SSD for my system but I don’t know which to choose?’ – Patriot Blast 120GB SSD, RM229.

Tech Critter Christmas Specials: The Upgrade Gift Guide 15

Patriot Memory is a renown brand for its memory related products, i.e Memory kits, SSD, thumb drives etc. The brand has been delivering high quality memory products for all this while and recently, released its budget oriented Blast SSD.

The Patriot Blast is among the best performing budget SSD that made it to Tech Critter lab. It might not comes with fancy accessories like other budget SSD did, but its performance is as what we can see, rivals even SSD that cost higher than it.


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