Bob Pette, VP/GM Quadro (left) and Vishal Lulla,Head of Product Management Quadro &NVS Desktop Solutions (right) with the Quadro M6000 and Quadro M4000. 
NVIDIA today unveils its DesignWorks VR SDK, a whole new solution that further enhances the realisticity, flexibility and cost efficiency in 3D design which will greatly benefits the design professionals in media and entertainment, medical imaging, energy exploration, and other professional applications.
The DesignWorks VR SDK make use of NVIDIA’s existing rendering technology i.e: Iray, vMaterials, MDL, VXGI, etc that allows the professionals to take advantage of these technology for their work. With the steady growth of VR technology along with the increasing adoption in various fields, the DesignWorks VR plays an important role in the creation of an ultra realistic, cost effective and safe VR environment for various simulation which deemed to be dangerous and costly in real life.
The Iray plugin is among the feature of what DesignWorks VR can offer, design professionals can make use of the rendering technology that is able to simulate the behavior of lights reflection, refraction and diffraction on different materials and surfaces. 
Simulation can be done with different light source to observe any unwanted behavior of light. The infamous Walkie Talkie skyscraper concave design that eventually melts a car with most the reflected sunlight concentrated to the car, similar to the Archimedes Death Ray that makes use of a large numbers of reflected sunlight that sets fire to the invading fleet. 
Another interesting feature we’ve seen during the conference is the demonstration of the Iray Server. Instead of relying on the local rendering hardware like what most traditional rendering method does, the speed is greatly enhanced as the processing work is done by the Iray servers available and then streamed back the rendered results as you manipulate your scene with minimal latency.
Here’s Bob Pette, demonstrating the actual implementation of this technology in our daily life. It works great for automotive show room where customers can get a view of the vehicle from different angle and reflection, real-time color changing and more. 

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