If you are a student looking for writing help, you have probably encountered EduBirdie at some point. With their promises of high-quality papers and quick turnarounds, EduBirdie has become a popular option. But does their service live up to the hype? Should you utilize an EduBirdie essay for assistance with homework? Are you confused about how to write your paper?

In this article, we will look at the quality of EduBirdie’s writing services. Despite some concerns and controversies surrounding the platform, we will highlight everything you need to know. Our review is an unbiased one that informs you about what you can expect. So, let us dive in and see what the platform offers.

Executive Summary on EduBirdie

What is the definition of EduBirdie? EduBirdie is an online platform that provides writing and editing services to students and clients. The platform connects clients with professional writers who can assist with essays, dissertations, research papers, and more tasks.

Official WebsiteEdubirdie.com
PriceStarts at $13.99 per page
Number of Writers>450
ExpertiseHighly qualified
Turnaround TimeMinimum of 3 hours
Customer Support24/7 Unlimited
Year Established2015
Revision PolicyUnlimited revisions
DiscountMany coupons and discounts
Refund PolicyAvailable within three business days
Type of Writing AssignmentsEssay, research paper, book review, case study, ..etc

EduBirdie Review

It is not easy to fully trust any service blindly. Hence, many individuals search for EduBirdie ratings to assist them in making their decisions. Making an informed decision about an online service can be daunting. Therefore, we encourage you to read the review on EduBirdie to grasp better what other users think of it. By seeking such a reference, you can get a sense of the pros and cons of the service. You can look for patterns or common themes in the feedback. However, remember that some pieces might be fake as they highlight negative experiences that never occurred.

However, it is vital to highlight the items EduBirdie.com offers. Below is a more extensive analysis of various aspects of the platform.

EduBirdie Pricing

While the pricing starts at $13.99 per page, the actual fee will vary according to many factors. Some of them include the length of the document, the academic level, and the turnaround time. The platform has a bidding system in which writers bid on the client’s projects. Then, the client can choose the writer whose bid they prefer.

There are also three different editing levels you can choose from. These are “All levels,” “Gold,” and “Platinum.” Each is slightly more expensive than the one before. They allow you to gain access to better editors.

EduBirdie Quality

Edubirdie 8

Various users on Reddit and Yelp have stated their admiration through their EduBirdie reviews. As for quality, it is a quick and high-quality process. With a large team of exceptionally equipped writers, you can choose your professional person and work side by side. Moreover, you can constantly contact the person to ensure the job is going according to plan.

EduBirdie Service Review

Edubirdie 2

The number of options you have through this service is limitless. You can ask for assistance with any type of writing assignment. Through EduBirdie.com reviews, you learn that this service is priceless. Many reviews for EduBirdie, even on Facebook, refute the EduBirdie scam statement. Once you find the writers that best suit your requests, you should stick to them for future assignments.

Pros and Cons of EduBirdie

Edubirdie 1

With the rise of artificial intelligence and resources in 2023, one must fully trust the platform they are using. Hence, you should understand the pros and cons of this particular platform before asking for your paper to be written.


  • Convenient and user-friendly platform for accessing various writing services.
  • A wide range of services, including writing, editing, and proofreading.
  • Clients can communicate directly with writers.
  • Affordable pricing compared to other online writing services.
  • Free revisions and a money-back guarantee are available.


  • Quality of writing can vary depending on the writer and the specific project.
  • The site provided limited information about the qualifications and experience.
  • EduBirdie has faced fake criticism and controversy surrounding its advertising practices.

The best thing about EduBirdie is probably the number of services offered. You do not only have access to writers, but you can ask for edits, proofreaders, presentations, and much more.

EduBirdie Guarantees, Offers, & Extra Services

Is EduBirdie legit? It is safe to say that it is. With its many guarantees and extra services, it provides an excellent resource for anyone inside or outside the US. Some of the warranties include the ones discussed below.

  1. Money-back guarantee

Edubirdie 3

EduBirdie offers a money-back guarantee to clients unsatisfied with the quality of the work provided. This guarantee ensures that clients can receive a refund if they are unhappy with the final product.

  1. Free revisions

Clients can request free revisions if unsatisfied with the initial draft. This allows clients to ensure that the final product meets their requirements and expectations.

  1. Coupons and discounts

Edubirdie 7

For each friend you refer, you can gain a $25 addition to your balance instead of a promo code. There is even an EduBirdie discount code, ‘forstudents,’ which allows you to get 5% off your first order.

EduBirdie Ordering Process

Edubirdie 6

Everyone agrees that the EduBirdie ordering process is straightforward and user-friendly. Through Reviews on EduBirdie, you can learn what others think of the process. To make it simple, this is how you order online:

  1. Start by creating “my account” or filling in your login information.
  2. Fill in details about your assignment. This includes the topic, type of document, length, and deadline.
  3. You will receive bids from writers interested in your project. You can review these bids and select the writers whose proposals you prefer.
  4. You must put money into your account to be able to access writers.
  5. You can communicate directly with the writer once you choose them.
  6. Once the writer completes the project, you can review it and request revisions.
  7. If you are satisfied, you can release payment to the writer and download the completed document.

EduBirdie FAQ

If you want to learn more about EduBirdie and the meaning behind using the website, check out the questions below.

How to use EduBirdie

To use EduBirdie, create an account and provide details about your project. Choose a writer, communicate with them directly, and receive the completed work within the deadline. Review and request revisions if necessary, then release payment and download the document.

Is EduBirdie Free

No, EduBirdie is not a free platform. They charge fees for their writing and editing services which vary depending on the type of service required, the length of the document, the academic level, and the turnaround time.

Is EduBirdie Legit

Is EduBirdie legit? It is a legitimate platform that provides writing and editing services to clients worldwide. With a user-friendly interface, a range of services offered, and a bidding system for writers, EduBirdie is a convenient option for clients who need writing help.

Is EduBirdie Good

The quality of EduBirdie’s services can vary, but the platform has received positive reviews from satisfied clients. Whether EduBirdie is a good option for clients depends on individual circumstances and requires thorough research and consideration of all possibilities.

Is EduBirdie Safe

EduBirdie takes measures to ensure the safety and security of its client’s personal information and has a secure payment system. The platform offers a range of guarantees, including a money-back guarantee and free revisions, to give clients confidence and security when using their services.

Conclusion: EduBirdie Review

Finally, EduBirdie is a platform that provides writing and editing services to clients worldwide. Clients who were pleased with the quality and level of service left good evaluations for EduBirdie. The platform’s user-friendly design, simple communication mechanism, and various assurances make it a safe and dependable choice. EduBirdie might be an excellent solution for consumers searching for convenient and high-quality writing services if extensive study and specific circumstances are considered.


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