TerraMaster’s latest software release comes in the form of the TerraSync which can help your in-house TNAS grow and become an actual private cloud server that can serve file synchronization purposes across multiple devices with ease.

TerraSync Synchronization

They achieve this by proposing 3 ways of synchronization for their user: Two-Way Sync, which is instant sync whenever a file is modified on either the server or client-side; One-Way Download, which allows exclusively clients to sync files from the server without any changes over there; One-Way Upload, which helps clients upload files to the server where the server will then distribute the latest copy to all clients.

Through these 3 different modes, TerraMaster aims to help a wide variety of customers deploy different ways of file synchronization when they need to have a specific way of backing up or distributing files according to the nature of the workflow.

TerraSync Data Safety

TerraMaster also enabled file version recording/recovery and accidental file deletion recovery that will definitely help the fat-finger gangs plus potential data loss due to malicious cyberattacks.


TerraSync Windows Client

The TerraSync and TerraSync Client can be downloaded from the app center while the Windows client is directly integrated into the TNAS PC desktop program so check that out over there. Mobile clients of iOS and Android will be released at a later date.


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