The integration of education is the foundation of the education system in the modern world. Integration in education allows people to build a complete picture of the world, contributes to the development of creative potential, eliminates mosaic in the development of a separate subject, and the entire system of knowledge in the field of acquired speciality.

By integration, it should be taken into account the interpenetration of individual fragments of knowledge and the establishment of links between them. Many eminent teachers drew attention to the need for an integrated approach to the formation of knowledge. The scholastic system of knowledge sharing leads to the overflow of curricula by a wide variety of academic disciplines and to an overload of curricula.

Many teachers today, in their studies, stop mostly only on the study of interdisciplinary connections. On this occasion, a lot of articles, monographs, defended PhD and doctoral dissertations on pedagogical sciences were written. It should be said that this is important, but a very one-sided and private view of the system of integration in the educational process by virtue of the above concept of the integration of education.

The education system today has become the foundation for ensuring the security of countries as a whole, and above all the security of society. The real state of society, its development and behaviour are largely (if not mostly) based on the state of education. The level of differentiated education will give a lot, but the main influence has a holistic education. The latter regards all processes occurring in animate and inanimate nature, in society and other objects, as a single whole.

Only qualified personnel trained on the basis of an integral approach to education will ensure not only technical safety but also social development safety, environmental safety, etc.

Until recently, there was an illusion in society that, thanks to the development of science and technology, a sufficient level of security is ensured. However, today there are new and unknown for humanity threats and dangers that are not yet possible to preempt. At the heart of the entire security system should be a person. By the way, the moral and spiritual culture of society is at the heart of ecological security. A society devoid of real human values ​​can be turned into a crowd with all its actions.

Therefore, an important component of the integration of education is education. Issues of education in the educational process today should dominate.

Currently, the teacher has ceased to be the only source of information. Moreover, this is very important. Technical progress has given society a television, computer, Internet, with which it is possible to obtain information in almost any field of activity including the possibility for students to find any information for their Pro-Papers. A variety of information on the same issue allows us to look at the problem being solved from various points of view. In addition, here the role of the teacher is extremely important for analyzing various possibilities and making a reasoned decision concerning all the activities of teaching and learning.

All changes in the field of education are significant for current changes in all areas of our society. In this regard, the development of planetary thinking in students is very important. This will allow, if not to avoid, then at least, weaken the growing cataclysms in the man-nature and man-society system.

The process of globalization of all spheres of human activity is inevitable. As for the information sphere, he swallowed the entire globe. Along with obvious advantages, we note in this globalization a number of negative phenomena. Only planetary thinking will allow us to foresee the most serious consequences that globalization generates. The most pernicious of them we still either do not see, or do not notice, or underestimate.

Of course, the blame for the unpreparedness of the education system for solving these problems lies with all members of society, but we have created and sponsored special structures: The Ministry of Education, education departments at all levels of government, and a noticeable shift in the curriculum or in practical implementation upbringing of the younger generation is not felt.

It is believed that the integration processes should include all parts of the educational process from school to graduate, not only a separate region or country, but the entire planet, including science, culture, and production.

The main components of the integration process are shown in the figure. Implementing the process of integration in education globally is not easy since different states and peoples in different ways represent not only their role in the development of civilization as a whole but also the process of civilization and its ultimate goal. The weight of each state in the world is determined precisely by the category of education of the population.


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