Team Group Officially Announces Its ROG Certified T-FORCE DARK Series Memory Kit 1
Team Group, the world’s leading memory brand, today announces the official launch of its ASUS ROG certified memory product, the T-FORCE DARK memory. ROG (Republic Of Gamers) is an established gaming brand that is dedicated to deliver the ultimate performance and best quality in each and every of its product to gamers around the world. 

Appearance wise, the T-FORCE DARK is both unique and aesthetically pleasing, as it is currently the first and only memory kit to utilize a four-piece heat-spreader in the industry. In addition to advancing from previous two-piece heat spreader design, it also has and added combination of two more arched fins to increase the surface area which is able to provide up to 8% better heat dissipation performance over traditional heat spreader design. The T-FORCE DARK comes available in 2 choices of colors (black-red black-grey) where both are specially crafted with the ROG logo and Mayan-inspired detailing for gamers to decide which ever that will fit the theme of their ROG gaming PC.
Team Group’s T-FORCE DARK memory is rigorously tested and certified by ASUS officials to obtain the ROG certification. Together with ASUS motherboards, gamers can enjoy smooth and stable gaming experience at ease. The extreme memory profile, X.M.P will be enabled automatically if it is paired with a ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Z170 series motherboard or Z270 motherboards so gamers and enjoy instant memory speed boost to 3000MHz without having to access to the BIOS.
Team Group Officially Announces Its ROG Certified T-FORCE DARK Series Memory Kit 3
For more information on the T-Force Dark ROG, visit the official product page here at:

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