Davao City Central 911 To Be Equipped with Transcend's Dashcams and Body Cameras 1

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend ), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, are proud to share a successful story featuring Davao City Central 911 uses of Transcend’s devices that has been published on Manila Bulletin, a leading newspaper in the Philippines. Transcend’s dashcams and body cameras greatly assisted the Davao City Central 911—a fully integrated emergency and rescue dispatch system in Davao City—in improving its emergency services, professional safety and efficiency with the help of detailed video evidence on the road. 
This December, Central 911, has partnered with Transcend to supply the DrivePro 220 dashboard cameras into ambulances and their other vehicles. Features such as the speed limit alerts, lane departure warning and GPS coordinates allows the Central 911 to monitor their response team and rescue vehicles by accessing the log files through Wi-Fi connectivity. It also allows the Central 911 to audit the response time and other procedures on a daily basis.
“We have yet to experience the effect of the changes but certainly, we do feel a lot safer knowing that we have relevant data that we can pull out if there are incidents that our vehicles may experience in the future,” said Emmanuel R. Jaldon, Davao City Central 911’s Chief Operating Officer.
Davao City Central 911 To Be Equipped with Transcend's Dashcams and Body Cameras 3
The Transcend DrivePro 220 has been integrated into Central 911’s vehicles starting from this December. The dashcam features emergency recording with a f1.8 lens, snapshot feature, and can be viewed through a bright 2.4” colored LCD screen. Among its features is the Forward Collision Warning System that informs drivers if there is a potential high-risk collision on the road.
The DrivePro 220 features a GPS receiver that logs driving records. It also records date and time of the recorded footage and pinpoints the exact location to allow further assistance from other response team if necessary.
The DrivePro Toolbox is a software that features monitoring of multiple devices at a time from the Central 911 headquarters. Response time from dispatch to reaching destination and the routers taken are also recorded. 
Another feature of the DrivePro 220 that helps to prevent accidents is the Lane Departure Warning system. It alerts the driver if there are other vehicles on either side of the lane to remind drivers before making any abrupt lane switching while responding to the destination. 
Davao City Central 911 To Be Equipped with Transcend's Dashcams and Body Cameras 5
At the same time, personnel are equipped with the DrivePro Body 20. It is a camera attached on the body to document incidents, while police officer make an arrest or confront with situations. 
The DrivePro Body 20 has been designed from military and law enforcement applications. It features 1080p full-HD video recording with live-streaming to iOS and Android devices with its built-in Wi-Fi module. The DrivePro Body 20 are both shock and water resistant, allowing it to withstand through rough weather and situations.
The DrivePro 20 has a single snapshot button that is large and easy enough to be accessed when necessity arises. This allows users to take photos in a flash while in the midst of recording to collect immediate evidence of incidents for further use.
The DrivePro Body app for iOS and Android prevents tampering of evidence by automatically embedding the recording and snapshot with a user ID and timestamp. Battery life of the DrivePro Body 20 can lasts up to 3.5 hours, which is fair enough to last through most incidents.

Similar to the DrivePro 220, the DrivePro Body Toolbox makes monitoring easy for DrivePro Body 20 users, as well as to manage the video recordings directly from headquarters with a multi-functional docking station. It allows up to six Body 20 to be docked for charging and upload recordings into the main computer to be archived. The dock features an auto-backup function to store a second copy of the recording on the main computer at the headquarters in the event where the primary footage is lost due to unforeseen events.
The full story was published in Manila Bulletin on January 16, 2016 and also on http://technology.mb.com.ph/2017/01/16/davao-city-central-911-uses-transcend-devices/

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