Talentbank, at the forefront of enhancing graduate employability and connecting academia with industry, is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated “2024 Employers’ Choice of University” list. This indispensable guide offers future university students invaluable perspectives on which institutions are favored by employers, thus helping them make well-informed decisions to boost their job prospects after graduating. The insights provided are drawn from the comprehensive analysis of the Talentbank National Graduate Employability Index (Talentbank’s GE Index), which evaluates the employability of graduates throughout Malaysia.

The Talentbank National Graduate Employability Index is a groundbreaking initiative spearheaded by Talentbank. It offers insights from over 700 leading employers of various sizes, including Intel, TDCX, ANT International, Huawei, Maybank, Nestlé, PETRONAS, Shopee, CIMB, Sunway Group, PwC, Maxis, AIA, Hartalega, Malaysia Airlines, and many more.

Ben Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Talentbank
Ben Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Talentbank

Designed as a compass for the youths navigating their future careers, the Talentbank’s GE Index aids in selecting suitable study fields and prestigious universities, enlightening both youths and their parents about the universities favored by industry leaders. This strategic initiative is expected to substantially enhance the employability of the nation’s graduates, preparing them for high-demand roles that offer attractive salaries. The unveiling of the Talentbank’s GE Index, attended by esteemed individuals such as Datuk Dr. Haji Megat Sany bin Megat Ahmad Supian, Deputy Secretary General (Policy), Professor Dr. Azlinda binti Azman, Director General of Higher Education, and Talentbank’s CEO, Ben Ho, underscores the importance of aligning educational pathways with market demands for a brighter employment future.

Speaking on Talentbank’s GE Index, Ben Ho expressed, “At the heart of our research lies the commitment to provide students with the essential knowledge and tools needed for successful career navigation. This initiative plays a critical role in our vision, highlighting universities that propel students forward in the international job market. More than just an academic journey, it seeks to carve out paths toward rewarding careers, with the ultimate aim of elevating Malaysia’s graduate employability, career-readiness, and competitiveness on a global scale.”

Employing a unique tripartite methodology, the Talentbank’s GE Index provides a holistic view of how well universities are preparing their students for the workforce. This methodology includes three key aspects: firstly, identifying the universities that employers typically recruit from, secondly, quantifying the number of graduates hired from each university, and thirdly, evaluating the frequency of recurring hires based on positive performance. More than a survey, the Talentbank’s GE Index serves as a comprehensive career planning tool, aiming to significantly curtail graduate unemployment in Malaysia by aligning educational outcomes with market hiring demands.

Talentbank’s National Graduate Employability Index is an independent, apolitical center of research and consultancy well versed in the graduate employability terrain. The research involves thousands of leading graduate employers across key industry sectors to understand employment trends among graduates. For more information about Talentbank National Graduate Employability Index, please visit https://www.talentbankgroup.com.


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