Samsung has announced that it will be officially sponsoring T1 Entertainment and Sports (T1), a world-class Esport organization with its latest gaming monitors: The Samsung Odyssey G7 and Odyssey G9. The organization started gaining media attention after legendary player Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok that won the most League of Legends championship under SK Telecom T1, signed a deal that acquires partial ownership of the company.

Through this established partnership, T1 players will start utilizing the Odyssey G7 and Odyssey G9 for all practices at the South Korea-based training facility.

The Samsung Odyssey G9

The Odyssey lineup of displays is Samsung’s take on gaming monitors where yesteryear’s offerings can only do so much that either only 1 of the 3 aspects is state-of-the-art: refresh rate, input latency or image quality. Technology has improved so fast that Samsung is able to fit the 1000R curvature monitors with 240Hz of refresh rate, 1ms of latency (Grey-to-Grey), 600cd/m2 of peak brightness, and 95% DCI gamut running in 2560×1440 resolution. 27-inch and 32-inch models are available for the G7 while the G9 is at 49-inch.

Samsung Odyssey G7 render

Design-wise, they have a futuristic look using either black or white as the base color with a big blue backlight emitting from the backside and is made asymmetrical to simulate the looks of a spaceships and armors, as quoted from the comments by CES Innovation Award 2020:

It feels like the product has been brought back from the future as if in a sci-fi movie.

The Samsung Odyssey G7 and Odyssey G9 are slated for release sometime during June 2020. Check out the all renders and features through the link below.


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