ServerDNA II Gamers Gathering Is Happening On October 12th, Possibly The Largest Gamers Gathering In Malaysia 1
We can see a tons of gaming events going on in the recent years as part of the effort to nourish Malaysia’s eSports industry. NVIDIA, AMD, ZOTAC, etc are among the giant in the industry that is putting a lot of effort to make these events possible. 

Local distributors like ServerWare might one of the new faces in gaming related events, but they did managed to impress us with their first gamers gathering, the ServerDNA Extreme Gaming Experience Day that took place last May 25th. The crowd might be small that time, but we were there to experience it ourselves and honestly, it’s not bad at all. Lots of interaction going between the hosts and the crowd, giveaway prizes sponsored by participating brands like TBUN Internet Cafe, Intel, SuperO, Kingston HyperX, Seagate, Galax, In Win.

The upcoming serverDNA II Gamers Gathering looks even more promising, as we spotted quite a number of big brands in the list, including Intel, Seagate, In Win and SuperO which is one of the main sponsors for the previous gathering, and other major brands like MSI, Gigabyte, HP, Acer, Zowie, PNY & XLR8, Aigo, Samsung, HIS and Ducky.

Apparently, ServerWare is resourceful enough to be able to brought in In Win’s exclusive WinBot mod by KuN Mod. Those of you who didn’t managed to visit this year’s Computex might not want to miss this chance – once in a lifetime, probably, to see the mod up close and personal. Alongside the WinBot, SeverWare also invited quite a number of local PC modders from Mod N GO, YNDK, Jawecom PC, Rextech, Chuck Taylor, Titan Tech, Nur Syra, Hamman Chronicle, UTPGaming, PyschoLunatic to showcase their work during the event.

ServerDNA II Gamers Gathering Is Happening On October 12th, Possibly The Largest Gamers Gathering In Malaysia 3

If you’re more of a gaming guy that is not really interested in PC modding, perhaps the special guests might interests you. Popular streamers / gamers will be present as wel during the event. Stand a chance to interact with your favorite streamers / gamers like Iceyz, Qistina “kisscium” Iman,  Lila “Lilacookie” Bolhair, Le Josette, Aisaka Miharu, Tashbunny, Edah Dota Girl, Virtual Genesis, Flare and more, only at ServerDNA II Gamers Gathering.

P.s: You’ll stand a chance to get some pretty interesting goodies from MSI if you snap a picture with any of our editor that is present at the event. So… We’ve attached a Google Map here just in case if you’re interested in participating in this event. 

Yes, check out all the prizes they have!


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