Robustness brought to a new level with the honor 5X 1

Khaleej Times, one of the longest running newspaper in the UAE, recently took the challenge of testing out the durability and robustness of the honor 5X to its maximum limit. From burning the screen, to the ultimate scratch test – the honor 5X was subjected to intense and distressing trials to see how it can survive the rigors of harsh daily use.

Check out the videos here and see if the honor 5X comes out unscathed:

What happens when you try to burn your smartphone screen?-

What happens when you scratch your smartphone screen with a sharp knife? –

What happens when you drop your smartphone? –

As a friendly reminder, the honor 5X is honor’s latest smartphone, with a list of features comparable to flagship smartphones of today. This includes a quad-core processor, a second generation frameless fingerprint sensor, 5.5-inch full HD IPS panel display, 3 different card slots (microSIM, nanoSIM, and microSD) built in, 16GB storage/2GB RAM, and a large 3000 mAh battery. It is a smartphone for the new age, all in a simple and functional design with added security.

For more information on the honor 5X, head on to


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