Gaming Freak is a brand that not many have heard but we’ve focused a few of their products here on Tech Critter. Now, we have the new Chanter Bullet with us. This is a very simple microphone. It’s a literally plug and play device.

So how does it sound and is it good for the price of about RM200?


The box is rather simple. We have the box with some specs and the image of the microphone itself – and that’s it.

Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet

Digging out everything, we only get the Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet itself, a little stand, a shock mount, and also a USB 2.0 Type-B. Not sure why it still uses this connector, but I much prefer USB Type-C at this point in time.

Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet


The microphone itself is – once again – very simple. There are literally zero knobs on the microphone itself. There’s just a single connector at the bottom and that’s it.

Mounting the microphone on the tripod is easy. Just clamp the microphone on the shock mount and then screw the whole thing onto the measly tripod.

Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet

With the shock mount in place, the microphone won’t pick up as much noise when I knocked on the table or typing on my keyboard.

Underneath the bullet-shaped metal mesh (hence the name) is a clump of red-colored foam – because it’s a “gaming” product. This foam functions something like a pop filter and also to protect the electronics inside.

By the way, the little tripod does have a tiny bit of height adjustment. I don’t recommend using this tripod’s height adjustment because it will cause a lot of instability and potentially topple down on itself. Get a proper boom arm instead.

Sound quality

Please watch our video at the top of this review. We can’t describe the quality of our recorded voice. Just listen for yourself and tell us what you think instead.

The Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet only has one pickup pattern – and that’s the commonly-used cardioid pattern that is common for condenser microphones. A cardioid pattern means it picks up sound from in front of the microphone only and tries to neglect what’s around it.

We can do some other enhancements via software – like using OBS to remove background noise automatically and also to shift our voice’s pitch.

Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet

No matter the case, I still like how the Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet sounds. I have been using it as the main “studio microphone” for all the videos recorded during this MCO (see Nasi Lemak Tech’s YouTube channel). The reason why I chose to use the Chanter Bullet instead of the higher-end Chanter X is because of that shock mount. It truly helps to prevent any table-knocking noise to be picked up when there’s a shock mount.

Wrapping up the Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet review

In all honesty, I like the simplicity of the Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet. There are some lacking features – like zero-latency audio monitoring and aux port. But then again – I never used any of those features to begin with.

All it takes a bit of clean-up and the audio sounds excellent on the Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet. For the price of about RM200, this is an excellent microphone.

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