We once again take a look at a few gaming mice that Gaming Freak has in stores for us. We took a look at their keyboards last time. This time, it’s the Gaming Freak X14, X15, and X16. It’s within Gaming Freak’s family of X-numbered series of mice. These 3 mice have their own unique shape, so it caters towards your personal preference.

Throughout our quick look of the X14, X15, and X16, these 3 mice have the same type of switch used for the clicker, which is silent. Much like the Logitech’s Silent mouse clicks, by the way. Though, the side buttons are mushy and loud.

Check out our unboxing and quick look of all these 3 mice together with Nasi Lemak Tech.

It’s funny to note that the X15 actually does look a little like Optimus Prime when taking a quick glance at it from the top. Both the X14 and X16 are very glossy, and it will have fingerprints on them pretty quickly.

What do you think about the video? Do let us know down in the comment section below. We’re open for feedback.


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