The Cooler Master MH650 and MH630 have been launched quite some time ago but due to this whole human malware thing called COVID-19 that is happening since early this year, the MH600 series of headphones somehow got buried under. Nonetheless, if you browse through your favourite e-commerce websites at the time this review has been published, you will be able to find a few stores selling them at RM200 range for the MH630 and RM300 range for the MH650.

Initially, we were planning to wait for the MH670 wireless version to complete this review, but due to the delays and unforeseeable circumstances, we decided to go ahead with this review and perhaps publishing another follow up review once we got our hands on it.

Review video

Cooler Master MH650 & MH630

Cooler Master MH650 MH630 2

Just like the MH752 and MH751, the main difference between these two headphones is the way how you can connect it to your audio source. The MH630 is an analogue-only headphone where it relies on the removable 3.5mm audio combo jack.

Cooler Master MH650 MH630 3

On the other hand, the MH650 relies on the digital signal through its non-removable USB connection. While the MH630 has to settle with its default Cooler Master purple colour scheme. The MH650, however, thanks to its USB connectivity, is able to supply power to its onboard RGB lighting.

In terms of the weight, the MH650 is slightly heavier at 291grams compared to the MH630 at 276grams. The added weight is probably due to the built-in DAC and RGB parts. Overall, they are both lightweight and thanks to its flexible frame and the soft cushion on the headband and earcups, I can wear this for long hours without feeling any sort of discomfort.

Cooler Master MH650 MH630 5

I have to emphasize how important this deep ear cup design is – it feels spacious and less stuffy even for those with large ears. Not to forget about the breathable cloth earpads is always better than PU leather which will make you sweat. For me, this design is a huge upgrade from its supposedly higher-end MH750 series.

Cooler Master MH650 MH630 6

The headphones controls are located on the left ear cup. You got a volume wheel and mic-mute button. The rubber flap covers the dedicated 3.5mm jack for the detachable microphone. Check out the video for the audio sample.

Cooler Master MH650 MH630 7

The MH650 has got extra buttons on the right ear cup to toggle the lighting mode and 7.1 virtual surround sound.

User Experience

In other words, the MH630 is pretty much a basic gaming headphone that you can just plug and play. There’s no software or any sort of customisation even if you wanted to. Besides, the sound quality is largely dependent on the soundcard you have on your device. I tested the MH630 with ASUS Xonar U1 USB sound card and honestly speaking, it sounds just as good as I was expecting. The bass is not overpowering as it emphasizes on the mids for clear vocals. Treble sounds a bit muffled but that is perfectly fine with me.

Meanwhile, the MH650, because of the USB connectivity, you have more options to play with through the Cooler Master software, such as lighting settings, sound settings and most importantly – 7.1 virtual surround sound. In other words, this is the fancier MH630 if you ask me. The sound quality is almost similar to its brother, just that I find that the MH650’s onboard DAC has a more bassy sound characteristic. The 7.1 virtual surround sound might seem interesting at first but I will only recommend it for movie watching and single-player games with cinematic sound experience.

Final Words

Cooler Master MH650 MH630 1

The Cooler Master MH600 series has once again impressed me just like the MH750 series gaming headphones but at the lower price bracket. While the MH752 and MH751 were priced at RM389 and RM299 respectively, the MH650 and MH630 come at the more affordable RM339 and RM229. They sound great and most importantly, extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. It is not like I’m encouraging you to look at the screen for a whole day, but a comfortable headphone will give you better gaming experience. To honest with you, I am now really looking forward to the MH670 because that is a wireless version of the same design.


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