Ramattra was first announced a few weeks ago and there weren’t much information about this new hero. We only know that Ramattra is a new tank hero with a rather disturbing backstory. In short, Ramattra is an Omnic that wants to seek revenge – eventually becoming the leader of Null Sector to revolt against humans.

Now, we have an official gameplay trailer showcasing the skills that Ramattra has – and this surely is an interesting hero. Ramattra is able to swap between two forms – one holding a staff (which I assume is ranged) and another form by literally growing strong arms and start punching enemies and is also able to use those arms to block attacks – much like how Doomfist works now.

The new hero will arrive to Overwatch 2 on 6th December 2022, and more information regarding the skills and abilities will come later today.

One comment pointed out that Ramattra seems to be a “reverse Zenyatta” as the ultimate seems to be like a reverse Transcendence – as in by draining the life force out of the nearby enemies. By judging what I’ve seen so far, I stand by my thought that Ramattra is a mobile tank that might make Doomfist less preferable. As a Zenyatta main though, I want to know what sort of special voice lines and interactions they have.


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