If you’ve been missing the past 50% off seasonal sale for Overwatch, here’s a truly once in a blue moon chance for you to get a copy of Overwatch on PC for only $12. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Humble Monthly, it’s a monthly subscription service for games that gives you a couple of games every month, that is usually worth 10 times or more than the price you are paying for.

overwatch humble bundle humble month $12 (1)

Like we mentioned earlier in the title, Blizzard’s Overwatch is the star of this month’s humble monthly. Instead of paying the usual $39.99 or $19.99 during the 50% seasonal sale, you can now get your copy of Overwatch on PC for only $12 – that’s like 69% off the actual price.

Now, here’s something you should know before you get all excited to get started with Humble Monthly. If you’re only into getting a copy of Overwatch on PC at $12, be sure to unsubscribe the service once you redeemed your game before the offer for next month kicks in.

What About the Bonus Loot Boxes?

overwatch humble bundle humble month $12 (2)

If you’re interested to see what’s coming for the offer, or just planning to score yourself the bonus loot box… You can stay subscribed for November, or extend it to December at the cost of $12 or $24 more – if you don’t mind, that is.

To learn more about the monthly subscription from Humble Monthly, kindly visit https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly


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