Yes, you heard that right, NVIDIA has announced a new addition to the MX series of GPUs designed for laptop use, the GeForce MX450 that runs on PCIe 4.0 for the very first time.

According to Team Green, ultraportable laptops equipped with the MX450 will start popping up and out into the market starting October through the announcement of various laptop OEM partners. Aside from the main highlight, it will be fitted with GDDR6 memory for faster accessing and processing for any graphical-driven tasks such as photo and video editing, gaming, or video media consumption.

As the same for all notebook-focused balance between power and performance, the NVIDIA Optimus optimization will ensure the GPU to keep its power in check and not overperforming due to the theoretical performance of PCIe 4.0.

Even though it is a bit of a bummer that it is not the RTX 3000 series that gets the reveal on possible PCIe 4.0 support, but hey at least that means Ryzen laptops could see a bump in performance without too much of a price increase, and that’s pretty good to me.

NVIDIA GeForce MX450

GeForce MX450 GPU Specifications

Memory Interface Support GDDR5 and GDDR6
NVIDIA Optimus Support Yes
NVIDIA GPU Boost Support Yes
NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers Support Yes
PCIe Express 4.0 Support Yes
Microsoft DirectX 12 API with feature level 12_1
Vulkan API 1.2
OpenGL Support 4.6
OpenCL Support 1.2
Windows 7,8, and 10 Support Yes
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