MSI has been continuously building up its own product ecosystems throughout the years and the most recent addition to that is the company’s very first power supply products, the MPG GF Series. A total of three models are introduced in this release, the A650GF, A750GF, and A850GF.

For its first debut in the power supply market, MSI is going straight for an 80 PLUS Gold certification and 100% all Japanese 105° C capacitors, fully modular cable design, and a whopping 10-year long warranty, ensuring the best reliability and efficiency for the end-users.

The official release did mention that the MPG GF Series is prepared for the highest of requirements, supporting VGA port up to 3 x 8-pin(?) and CPU port up to 2 x 8-pin or supports VGA 4 x 8-pin and CPU 1 x 8-pin:

MSI MPG GF Series Power Supply 2

We did notice an interesting statement from MSI for this release, where it’s stated that the MPG GF series power supplies can support ‘all the way to the latest NVIDIA graphics cards’. No further information was provided from the official release but there’s a high chance we might see one or two of the dedicated 12-pin PCIe power connectors for the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards on these MPG GF series power supplies

MSI MPG GF Series Power Supply 1

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