One of the biggest driving forces behind Generative AI technology is none other than accelerated computing giant NVIDIA. In its latest announcement, Team Green has shaken hands with Microsoft and Dell Technologies to leverage access to a wider audience.

NVIDIA x Microsoft

Let’s start with the Microsoft deal. In essence, the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software will be knocking on Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning department in order to help businesses accelerate AI initiatives.

By providing access to NVIDIA’s highest-performing resources, AI models can be trained or execute inferencing at a much faster rate. When applied in conjunction with Microsoft Azure, developers can rapidly scale applications from testing to deployment where these generative algorithms can make their way into commercial use in an instant.

Everything is also supported with Azure Machine Learning data encryption for absolute access control and compliance certifications.

The feature is currently available in a limited technical preview and will become public in the future.

NVIDIA x Dell Technologies Project Helix

On the other hand, Dell Technologies is putting out something called Project Helix packed with full-stack solutions containing pre-built tools and technical expertise to streamline the usage and deployment of Generative AI-related software that utilizes underused data for more value.

With Dell providing everything from hardware to software from the get-go, one can transform seemingly useless data into valuable information while conforming to data privacy regulations.

From infrastructure provisioning, modeling, training, fine-tuning, application development, and deployment, to deploying inference and streamlining results, Dell’s validated designs such as the PowerEdge servers PowerEdge XE9680 and PowerEdge R760xa in combination with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA Networking, deployments can be executed quickly and scale at will, making them one of industry’s best when it comes to a full-package and secured accelerated computing for enterprise use.

Project Helix will become available starting this July across all traditional channels and APEX flexible consumption options, making them way more attractive.


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