NVIDIA has released a new Game Ready Driver that provides optimizations, updates, and bug fixes.

Metro Exodus NVIDIA RTX

The main spotlight for the version update is the addition of DLSS 2.0 to Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition for added graphical capabilities through the famous generalized AI upscaling algorithm alongside some new ray-tracing features to the post-apocalyptic, first-person shooter such as reflections, global illumination, and emissive lighting. Day-1 optimizations have been made for upcoming releases such as Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Resident Evil Village to let gamers enjoy these latest titles to the fullest. Iron Conflict and Teamfight Manager also is getting some settings revamps as well.

As with the usual major updates, 5 new displays have been created G-SYNC compatible which are AOC’s 24G2W1G8 and AG274US4R6B; Asus XG349C, Philips 279M1RV, and Samsung LC27G50A.

Lastly and most important, NVIDIA has patched out several security vulnerabilities which one of which even allows Remote Code Execution in the form of  CVE-2021-1074. Meanwhile, CVE-2021-1075 leaks system information, and CVE-2021-1078 crashes your system in a simple way of saying. So be sure to update your driver for the sake of security at the very least by clicking here.

Source: Tom’s Guide


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