Noctua, the world-renowned brand for their PC air coolers and fans for consumers, servers, and industrial use cases, has just announced that they’re now also selling hoodies. Yes, hoodies that we can all wear. It’s a strange announcement, especially coming from Noctua.

With the product name of NP-H1, the new Noctua hoodies also come in two different color choices – either in the brand’s iconic brown color, or in the Redux grey color.

Noctua NP-H1 hoodie

This new Noctua NP-H1 hoodie is designed in Austria and provides warmth and comfort from its fabric. Since it is a Noctua product after all, there is a high quality embroidered owl logo on the chest area, and texture printed at the back of the hoodie.

One interesting design choice is that the sleeves extend all the way to the wrists as well. There are thumbholes in the cuffs so that only the fingers are showing. At the front, there is also a pocket for you to put your belongings inside.

Noctua NP-H1 hoodie

I have to say, the Noctua Brown color on that hoodie looks absolutely fantastic. I mean, there aren’t enough hoodies in the world with that color and that brown is just pleasant to look at.

The Noctua NP-H1 hoodies are now available for sale for just EUR 49.99 or USD $49.99. You can buy them here:

This isn’t the first PC hardware brand to venture into fashion, however. We have ASUS with its ROG lineup of apparel and backpacks, which was announced back in 2018. Perhaps it’s a trend since the brands in smartphone market are also venturing into fashion.


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