Intel’s latest 3rd generation Xeon Scalable and W3300 server CPUs just got Noctua’s cooling support officialized.

Noctua DX 4189

A total of 4 CPU coolers alongside a separate mounting kit is being introduced this time around which is the NH-U14S DX-4189, NH-U12S DX-4189, NH-U9 DX-4189, and NH-D9 DX-4189 4U which you may already know, the 4189 is codenamed the same way as Intel’s latest Ice Lake-based LGA4189 Xeon CPU. These are made to cool the beastly server-grade chip with the enclosure staying low on fan noise but getting all the airflows it needs. Talking about the mounting kit, the NM-i4189 mounting kit allows Noctua’s DX-3647 and TR4-SP3 series coolers to be installed on LGA4189, basically, a compatibility kit in simpler terms.

Noctua has also clarified that the NH-U14S variant uses a single NF-A15 PWM to achieve a large amount of airflow while the NH-U12S uses dual NF-A12x25 and NH-U9 with its 4U sub-model utilizes dual NF-A9 to achieve the same airflow while keeping the size limit in check. While the NH-U9’s direction of airflow is perpendicular to the long axis of the LGA4189 socket, the NH-D9’s direction of airflow is parallel to the long axis of the LGA4189 socket. This makes the NH-U9 ideal for workstation builds where the top PCIe slot must not be blocked and this orientation is required for having the cooler exhaust towards the I/O panel. By contrast, the NH-D9 is a great choice for server builds where the cooler’s fans should work in tandem with the airflow inside the chassis, or for workstation builds where this orientation is required for having the cooler exhaust towards the top of the case.


The official MSRP for Noctua’s latest DX-4189 CPU coolers is as follows.


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