Last month, we’ve reported that the super old MSI Concept Store over at BB Park originally was moved over to Plaza Low Yat, and today, the store has officially opened.

MSI Plaza LowYat 2

With the robes cut by important figures from MSI Malaysia and Low Yat, fellow friends and families that are looking to get into the MSI family of products can head over to the shop at Ground Floor to get their hands on the latest products including laptops, desktops, and peripherals to cop a feel before deciding to purchase so that they can find the perfect one. Additionally, any after-sales service and inquiries can be made at this store with full support from MSI Malaysia. No need to jump through hoops of resellers and distributors that kind of thing, just go straight to the king.

MSI Plaza LowYat Opening Promo

To celebrate the joy with everyone including old and new fans, MSI Malaysia is offering a one-time promotion for its gaming laptops such as the GE Raider and GS Stealth series as well as numerous business and productivity-focused laptops for up to RM2,000 discount! Not only that, an extra RM100 will be applied if you move fast enough between today until Friday with additional MSI merch for grabs including pens, keychains, figures, masks, and pillow necks.

Click here to get directions for Plaza Low Yat, for those who are not part of the Klang Valley boys.


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