MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 33

MSI, the leading gaming notebook manufacturer and innovator, today brings its latest notebook series to the market, the MSI Prestige. The new MSI Prestige series is especially designed for business elites and professionals. 
Inspired by boutique fashion and high-precision instruments, the new MSI Prestige series is simple yet sophisticated – with silky silver metallic exterior design and the white light backlit keyboard in the interior.

Powered by the latest 4th generation Intel quad core processor (Intel Core i7-4720HQ) and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M/960M GPU, the MSI Prestige notebooks deliver true-to-life image quality close to 100% sRGB with MSI True Color Technology. Agency, corporate in-house and freelance designers can now share True Color settings to their coworkers anywhere without worrying about potential color distortion issues. In addition to an efficient working environment thanks to the Matrix Display Technology, users can build a comfortable multimedia entertainment station easily with extra touch of vivid surround music using the Nahimic Sound Technology. 

MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 34

MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 35

Work or fun, it is possible at the same time with just one MSI Prestige notebook.
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 36
True Color Technology
MSI True Color Technology guarantees that each panel in a MSI notebook comes with the finest precision in color. After examination and an extensive factory calibration process by the MSI True Color Technology, the panel quality will be more accurate, close to 100% sRGB. Hence, each color is delivered with the highest standard precision in detail, guaranteeing excellent color fidelity for many use applications. 
MSI has partnered with Portrait Displays, Inc. in developing a level of accuracy for display technology that sets a new standard. Trusting that the displays colors naturally represent the content is MSI’s objective.

MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 37
True Color Profile
The profile sharing feature permits you to share your True Color settings to other users anywhere. This unique function ensures that every notebook using MSI True Color software demonstrates exactly the same color on the screen. It is ideal for agency, corporate in-house and freelance designers seeking to have a common view of their content.
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 38
Advanced Desktop Performance Made Portable
The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M/950M GPU brings extreme, next-generation graphics performance to notebooks. As the first graphics solution to reach a score of 5,750 (960M) and 4,900 (950M) in 3DMark 11, the GeForce GTX 960M/950M delivers powerful performance and outstanding efficiency in a lightweight and portable device for exquisite artwork designs and lifelike multimedia entertainment.
Hear Beyond the Limits
Hear beyond the limits, Nahimic Sound Technology now packed for better entertainment
MSI adopts Nahimic sound technology on their new notebook series. So what’s new about this? Nahimic Sound Technology boosts the audio performance immediately. Now, you may build your own entertainment corner and enjoy the immersive virtual sound in high definition with one laptop and with just one simple click.
With Nahimic, enjoy sound that pushes the limits of reality.
Nahimic, the powerful sound improvement technology, has been acknowledged in various different industries, including the military and the aeronautics industries where the clarity of sound is essential and vital. Nahimic enhances sound quality and precision. Audio inputs are therefore transformed into vivid-like ones. Now, Nahimic is about to make a crystal clear voice and to embrace users into the ultimate multimedia entertainment world.
Nahimic puts your user experience right at the heart of its software, offering you highly sought-after gaming benefits: 
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 39 Total immersion in the game: 360° sound that puts you right in the heart of the action.
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 40 Realism: highlighting even the smallest sounds and providing incomparable clarity of dialogue.
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 41 Gaming intensity: increased bass, giving you incredibly high-powered sound.
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 42 Microphone communication quality: constant volume and noise reduction for optimum voice clarity and comprehension.
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 43
Nahimic unveils its HD Audio Recorder for the very first time: this function enables you to enjoy studio quality sound to immortalize your streamed games – all in one click!

MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 44

The whole new features SHIFT brings you total control over the system’s power management. By pressing the FN + F7 hotkey combo, you can easily switch among the three profiles, “Sport” “Comfort” and “Green”, to ensure the perfect balance of system performance and temperature.

MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 45
Cooler Boost 3
Dedicated 3 heat pipes for graphics card and 1 heat pipe for processor significantly reduce heat while maximizing dissipation with dual fans. This design maintains a stable and low temperature system even after long sessions of the highest loading.
MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 46
MSI partners with top audio brand Dynaudio to equip the MSI notebook with top-notch audio speakers, creating a realistic sound and immersive effects. Any high quality stereo source is transformed into true-to-life, multi-channel sound. No need to purchase extra speakers, wires or speaker stands to appreciate room-filling sound.

MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 47
Audio Boost
The MSI Audio Boost design enhances the output 30% more in sound detail and sound stage. The gold flash audio jack provides stable sound transmission (reduced obstruction) and works in conjunction with the optimized headsets AMP (Audio Power Amplifier) design. Characterized by low noise and low distortion, this design greatly enhances headphone performance and faithfully reproduces each acoustic detail.

MSI announces the all new Prestige Series laptop 48
Matrix Display
With the Matrix Display, you can now use the latest surround view display technology to build the multi-display working or multi-media environment (notebook’s monitor + 2 external displays).It supports the highest quality output and multi-tasking up to 4K (3840 x 2160) with 60Hz through the Mini DisplayPort.
Non-glare display
Reduces eye strain and increases comfort in reading: the anti-glare treatment covers the LCD display with a coating which minimizes reflection and permits a wider range of screen view.
A Quad Core Powerful Processing Engine
The latest 4th generation quad core i7 processor platform represents superior performance over previous generations. The CPU performance is over 45% faster on video transcoding works and over 2x faster on CAD/CAM design calculations than U series CPUs. With regular Core i5, the performance is also over 20% faster than U series CPUs.

Model name
PE60 2QE (GTX960M), PE60 2QD
PE70 2QE (GTX960M), PE60 2QD
Operating System
Windows 8.1
15.6” FHD 1980 x 1080 (72% NTSC)/4K(Optional)
17.3” FHD 1980 x 1080 (72% NTSC)
4th Gen. Intel Quad Core i7-4720HQ (47W, BGA)
Memory Type
DDR3L 1600MHz, 2 SO-DIMM, max 16GB
Storage Capacity
Up to 256GB SSD ( M.2 type, optional) + 1 TB HDD
Single backlight keyboard (white), with Short Cut Manager
Optical Disk
BD Writer / DVD Super Multi
USB ports
USB 3.0 x3, USB 2.0 x1
Card Reader
Video output:
HDMI 1.4, MINI DisplayPort 1.2
4 Speakers + 1 Woofer
Gb LAN + Intel 802.11ac WiFi
Bluetooth v4.0
HD type ([email protected])
6 cell
Power Adapter
PE60: 15.6”, 383 x 260 x 27 mm, 2.3kg
PE70: 17.3”, 419 x 280 x 29 mm, 2.6kg

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