Mi VR - Xiaomi's updated VR headset 7

At the Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 event today at Beijing, Xiaomi also announced their all new VR headset – the Mi VR.

Unlike the common VR headsets where the unit is being strapped to your face, Mi VR uses the same design as the PlayStation VR headset which you wear the band over your forehead.

Mi VR - Xiaomi's updated VR headset 8

The headset comes with a hardware-level motion sensor that is 16x more sensitive to movements. Combined with system level optimizations and high performance smartphones, the result is 16ms ultra-low latency. I’d say that should reduce the chance of motion sickness.

Besides, Mi VR also comes with a 9-axis inertial motion controller that supports touch controls. Similar to Google Daydream View’s controller.

Mi VR - Xiaomi's updated VR headset 9

MIUI VR also developed to support the Mi VR.

The Mi VR is priced at RMB199 which is around MYR 120.



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