Renowned flash memory brand Lexar has finally decided to step out and participate in Gamescom for the first time, putting their name inside the list of exhibitors for the yearly event.

Lexar Gamescom 2023 4

For this year, they are going for the variety pack in terms of product showcase. For starters, the ARES RGB DDR5 DRAM is for the real gamer gang that wants the best in their system, packed with either 8000MT/s or 8400MT/s of performance alongside the iconic Lexar RGB Sync and premium aluminum heat spreader.

For storage, the Professional NM1090 really is for the latest and greatest only as it is PCIe 5.0 compatible with speeds of up to 12GBps reads and 11GBps writes thanks to the latest 12nm controller. Available with capacities from 1TB to 4TB, the integrated Active Heatsink will be in charge of elevating all the heat problems from transferring files at such monstrous speed.

Lexar Gamescom 2023 3

Chilling back a bit is the NM790 with Heatsink also available in the same capacities as the former, it is PCIe 4.0 drive with 7.4GBps reads and 6.5GBps writes respectively. Built to provide sustained high performance, it is also certified to run seamlessly with PS5. Console gamers rise up!


All of the products announced over there are estimated to be launched within Q4 2023 so yeah, at least it’s a confirmation that you’ll see them before 2024 rolls around.


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