For the 17th times in a row, Kingston is shipping the largest amount of DRAM modules during 2019, generating a hefty $12.9 billion USD and securing 80.33% of market share as the most dominant memory module supplier in the world.

Global Revenue ranking 2019 Kingston No.1

The leaderboard is tabulated by analyst firm TrendForce formerly known as DRAMeXchange and to nobody’s surprised that Kingston has managed to snag the crown yet again last year without other brands only capturing at a maximum of close to 3% market share.

In-depth analysis shows that even if DRAM prices were lower due to ample supply versus weak demands from both client and server markets, Kingston is betting against everything and move towards the opposite of the trend and managed to retain its competitive advantage by working closely with partners and customers to provide flexible deliverables to the ever-changing requirements presented by the market conditions.

Meanwhile, the company is ready to adapt the industry transition of 8Gb DDR4 chips to 16Gbit through the new wafer lithography that allowed the new 16Gbit DRAM to save more power compared to the last generation while being denser, bringing the total capacity per module to a higher level. Last December, they began shipping 64GB Registered DIMMs while refreshing their  Server Premier product line to feature 16Gbit solutions in July 2020 too.

You can find out the full article by TrendForce down below.


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