So here we are at Day 3’s COMPUTEX 2024 run and we have visited Kingston as part of the schedule so let’s see what’s in store.

Computex 2024 Kingston 01

Our tour started with the ‘Lighting FURY’ lineup consisting of the FURY Renegade DDR5 RGB and FURY Beast DDR5 RGB. Look, these are old but not this one – a new limited edition release of the FURY Renegade with a fancy heatsink covered with a fresh coat of red paint.

Computex 2024 Kingston 18

On the other hand, we have the CAMM2 memory module. Unfortunately, we only see them being as it is and not on a sample motherboard plus no further info was explained, especially exclusive Kingston stuff.

Computex 2024 Kingston 17

Anyway, there’s the M.2 2280 FURY Renegade SSDs at PCIe 4.0 which is also an existing product.

Computex 2024 Kingston 02

For the portable SSDs, the Swift XS is here with the XS1000 coming as the standard version while the XS2000 provides a higher transfer speed.

As for the “new” thing, it is actually the color – a nice red for XS1000. And that’s all for the family.

Computex 2024 Kingston 07

Enterprise options see the Server Premier DDR5 ECC RAM with up to 96GB per stick and the 8TB SATA SSD.

Computex 2024 Kingston 11

Computex 2024 Kingston 10

Computex 2024 Kingston 09

The USB sticks are kind of selected for their “uniqueness” – the DataTraveler SE9 Gen 3 with 220MBps read speed, the DataTraveler microDuo 3C with USB-A and USB-C connectors for full compatibility across legacy and modern systems, and the DataTraveler Max with SSD specs but a USB stick form factor.

Computex 2024 Kingston 12

Need some buffed-up security for your drive? The Guardian IronKey gives you that with dedicated data encryption built into the solution. With a mandatory touchscreen and keypad that needs to be inputted with the correct password, users are then allowed to read and write into the drive. There is an additional app called the IronKey Vault Privacy 50 essentially functions as another layer of software lock.

Computex 2024 Kingston 16

Memory cards, on the other hand, go from the highest end of Canvas React Plus to Canvas Go Plus and down to Canvas Select Plus. Ah yes, they also exist in microSD form.

As an exclusive reveal, they teased an upcoming SSD called Kenting Bay. As part of their collaboration with a local university at developing a self driving race car, it allegedly helped teams to process data that led to improvements in the car.


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