Kingston proudly announces its consistent reign as the top SSD market leader for 2023 after market research firm TRENDFOCUS published the latest report.

Kingston Technology SSD Market Share 2023 No.1

With a solid 23.8% market share for the entire year, Kingston shipped a total of staggering 27.4 million client SSDs. Notably, in Q4 alone, they shipped 5.7 million units, representing 21.3% of the market. This success is attributed to the availability of high-quality drives such as the NV2, serving a wide range of consumer needs, along with popular offerings like the FURY Renegade SSD and KC3000.

Contributions from products like the XS1000 external SSD and DC600M enterprise-class SSDs also played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone.

Looking ahead to 2024, Kingston anticipates continued growth, fueled by increasing demands from suppliers, partners, and consumers.


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