Kingston’s Is With You Memory campaign is about properly remembering the good times of your life where the brand has released a little fun and games where participants take up a 7-day challenge and since it is not that long and we thought it’ll be great for a change of pace so we ourselves took the challenge too and by doing so, Kingston did mail us a special gift box and landed in our office earlier this month. So, let’s take a look at the Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox

The package is encased in a white base with pastel-style flat colors along with the core theme of the challenge while featuring an assumingly abstract-style Kingston logo.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox 1

Lifting off the cover and there is the usual package explanation and a quick message about the 7-day challenge.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox 2

A stack of challenge cards, a thumb drive, and a pack of colorful face masks will be in your sight once you lifted the cover.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox 3

A total of 9 cards are included with 7 of them being the Days card while the other 2 are just the front and back cards for cover and protection.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox 4

Flipping to the back of the card will reveal some examples of what you can do to fulfill the daily challenges such as listening to your favorite songs, taking a photo, etc.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox 5

Opening the face mask box and there’re 5 pieces of them featuring the design of ‘Love Memories Forever’ by our local Malaysian artist Lilo Jong from the Kingston x CSD APAC Face Mask Competition. The orange base coupled with a mix between warm and cold colors really brings the contrast out.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox 6

The thumb drive included with the package is the 64GB DataTraveler Duo USB-A & USB-C Connector Flash Drive that comes with both USB-A and USB-C ports that enables it to fit into both legacy and modern machines where these 2 ports might not see each other in some of the machines out there.


All in all, the overall 7-day challenge is pretty wholesome because the tasks are things that you can do on a daily basis and if you have the will to maintain it, it can really bring back the balance of your life through effective mental exercise to help you stay chill and moderately relieves your stress.

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