Arm’s keynote debate yesterday has been done in a simplistic yet informative fashion by its CEO Simon Segars. We managed to grab around 4 big topics regarding his presentation of utilizing technology as a force of good, especially in times the world needs help.

1. All new architecture: Armv9

The official debut of Arm’s latest architecture titled Armv9 is an investment and research project that the company and its partners have poured in a whole decade that stands as a major upgrade to the brand’s processor architecture. It is designed with a focus on security and compute efficiency on top of the core optimization targeting ubiquitous and AI systems.

2. Security vulnerabilities and Armv9’s answer to it

Security has always been a challenge since the beginning of the digital era and Arm is confident that Armv9 will be able to securely process data either at endpoints, data networks, or clouds to protect the interest of both industry partners and its clients. The Confidential Compute architecture in the Armv9 completely segregates memory regions for general and sensitive data or code to make sure only the appropriate security modules are allowed to process or carry these data but not view them.

3. Decarbonizing compute

Arm’s Neoverse V2 and Neoverse N2 is Arm’s key in decarbonizing the computing process to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission with other leaders across the world utilizing Arm’s solution such as MediaTek, AAEON, Johnson Controls to deliver energy-efficient products.

4. Sparking the world’s potential for a better tomorrow by Arm

Arm’s vision in creating a better world through technology is supported by the company’s specialization in compute platform and ecosystem while NVIDIA’s superior AI prowess will consolidate into many innovative ideas where it will come to fruition and becoming practical for the world to apply and benefit from.

With the 1st keynote being well delivered in addressing the brand’s latest creation and its long-term mission into the future, Arm continues to look forward to bringing the world technological advancements for solving increasingly complex issues at a global scale.

The full keynote archive is down below for reference.


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