Mark your calendars between October 19 and October 21 as Arm is inviting smart minds around the world to the Arm DevSummit 2021.

The RISC microprocessor giant has been churning out solutions with a large degree and freedom and accessibility for the general-purpose computing industry for so many years that we can confidently state that without them, the digital and smart era wouldn’t reach us this early. To constantly maintain the speed of technological breakthroughs, we need smart guys to gather and make things the right way and the smart way. Simply saying, the Arm DevSummit 2021 aims to equip hardware and software engineers with more skill by participating and join forces in this three-day virtual conference to discuss and share insights into the latest technology trends.

Arm DevSummit 2021

To encourage people to get in the scene as early as possible, Arm will be providing advanced access to multiple technical sessions, the official Discord server (for communications, of course), and other perks as well.

  • Get a virtual campfire seat reserved
  • Secure a spot in high-demand workshops
  • Save items and build your own agenda around the conference tracks

The Big 7

The event is going to be based on the 7 conference tracks that cover the following topics.

  • Cloud Native for the Endpoint, Edge, and the Cloud
  • The Future of Mobility is Software Defined
  • Developing Interactive Consumer Experiences
  • Practical Software Development for a Productive IoT
  • AI in the Real World: From Development to Deployment
  • Hardware Design Methodology
  • Optimizing Arm Technology for HPC, Cloud, and 5G Infrastructure

Join hands to create breakthroughs that make joining hands easier

The Arm community is gathered with brilliant minds of hardware and software engineers under more than a thousand industrial partners and millions of developers constantly enabling ideas that turn the impossible into possible. Aside from gaining access to some of the most spectacular ideas, you’ll get to know what’s currently trending in the industry while getting in-depth technical knowledge and of course, with a ton of back support from the Q&A helpers to help unstuck your problems.

Pay literally RM0

Thanks for Arm’s generous decision, the Arm DevSummit 2021 can be joined completely free with all sorts of content surrounding the aforementioned 7 conference tracks which you may build your own agenda around it as well.

Learn more about the Arm DevSummit 2021 event here.


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