Keychron Malaysia now has its own official store on Lazada for the people who like to get their stuff directly from the LazMall section.

Keychron Malaysia Launch 1

Although the plethora of models like the budget entry K series and the enthusiast Q series already exist here, we are going to see more additions to the existing series plus the true budget picks the C series.

They can be preordered at a lower price starting right now until November 10, available on the official Lazada store.


Retail Price (RM)

Promotion Price

Q1 Pro



C1 Pro



K3 Pro



Additionally, spend RM500 to enjoy an instant rebate off your receipt on the day of the big launch – November 11 from 12AM to 2AM so literally just a 2-hour flash deal.

They are also in for the program of being eligible for stackable discount coupons and shipping vouchers so be sure to check out everything you can.

Keychron Q1 Pro

The Q1 Pro is the upgraded version of the original Q1 with an added Bluetooth connection for wireless plus a set of upgraded PBT keycaps in the KSA profile followed by a set of better material and surface finish.

Keychron C1 Pro

On the other hand, the C1 Pro unlocks the full power of QMK and VIA at such a low price that the productivity gang that doesn’t “care” about custom mechanical keyboard should just get this TKL board, no questions asked.

Keychron K3 Pro

Meanwhile, the K3 Pro is a low-profile TKL board also enhanced with QMK/VIA compatibility which the original K3 didn’t have (And the keycap sucks). So if you like laptop keyboards and want these productivity-enhancing features, this is the one to go.


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