Intel’s upcoming LGA 3647 socket has been pictured on Servethehome and it’s a monolithic one compared to the already huge LGA 2011 socket on x99 platform. 

First Look At Intel’s LGA 3647 Socket And CPU

6-Channel Memory Support

Apart of making the LGA 2011-v3 socket Broadwell-E CPU looks small, the most significant changes of the LGA 3647 socket are its 6-channel DDR4 memory support for the upcoming Skylake-E and Knights Landing CPU.

No More Latching Mechanism 

Unlike the previous CPU socket with dual latches (LGA 2011) or single latches (LGA115x/LGA775) that we’ve already accustomed to, the LGA 3647 socket has a rather complex steps for heat sink installation, as doesn’t comes with any latches and the CPU heat sink are secured to the socket directly with screws.

It might seem to be overkill for most desktop users, but for those of you who cant get enough with the existing X99 platform and Broadwell-E CPUs, the LGA 3647 socket is definitely something you might want to consider for.



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