Golden Silence: Logitech's First Ever Silent Mice 7

Unless you live and work by yourself, chances are you will be sharing a working environment with our colleagues or loved ones, and by that means, silence can be golden especially when anyone tries to focus or getting a good rest.

Taking my case as an example, while my colleagues don’t really mind if I’m typing on a Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboard. My girlfriend, however, is totally concerned about the computing noise level as our workspace is in the bedroom. She being a light sleeper, is highly sensitive to any minor noises.

I had my PC built as per silent specs and Cherry MX Red keyboard with the o-rings sound dampener. When I thought I had everything covered for midnight gaming session, ahem, editorial session, I totally miscalculated the fact that mouse clicks also contributes to a major noise generated from a computer.

Long story aside,  Logitech today introduces something that would ultimately solve my first world problem – the first ever quiet mice, the Logitech M331 Silent Plus and Logitech M221 Silent Wireless Mice. Thanks to the engineers in Logitech who had studied the sources of noise made by a computer mouse and created ways to reduce the decibel level without sacrificing quality.

Golden Silence: Logitech's First Ever Silent Mice 8

I have personally tested both M331 Silent Plus and M221 Silent Wireless Mice at Popular bookstore. To be frank, I am very impressed with the reduced clicking noise while maintaining the feel of a mouse click.

As per the technical specifications provided by Logitech, these mice while providing traditional click feel, but the noise level has been drastically reduced up to 90%. They even have received the Quiet Mark seal of approval from the Noise Abatement Society.

Golden Silence: Logitech's First Ever Silent Mice 9

With Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, the optical sensor on the mice is extremely precise and works on almost any surface. Plus, the support of wireless connection up to 33 feet is made possible with the plug-and-forget nano receiver.

Pricing & Availability

Both products are available in October from MCL Bhd and M-Link System. The Logitech M331 Silent Plus has a suggested retail price of RM76.00 (inclusive of GST), whereas the M221 Silent Mouse has a suggested retail price of RM59.00 (inclusive of GST). For more information on M331, please visit silent-plus?crid=7 and for M221, please visit silent?crid=7.

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