There’s so much great and interesting content on Netflix, including movies, TV shows, and Sports streaming, but unfortunately, most of them come with a geo-restriction. If you’re a Netflix person, you are familiar with those hassles. Right? In some countries, the library of Netflix is quite limited. And if you are travelling from the US to Spain, you’ll discover you have access to fewer shows only.

There are unlimited movies that are available in some countries, but people from other regions who want to watch them get issues because of the geo-blocking. For instance, The Last Hangover, which is a wonderful and one of the hottest movies, is banned from Netflix. Similarly, some other movies like “I Am Curious, The Thorn, Pink Flamingos, andMonty Python’s Life of Brain” is also banned in some countries.

Wondering what can be the possible solution to that? 

Well, you don’t need to worry about facing this issue anymore! If you are eager to watch streaming or a movie at home, you can easily use iTop VPN with a smooth performance. iTop VPN makes the internet traffic almost anonymous – so that your ISP cannot verify identity and ultimately slow down the streams at all.

Whether you want to stream football, cricket, boxing, tennis, or any other thrilling event, you can conveniently catch every single second with a nice VPN. Read on to explore more!

How a VPN Actually Works – A Complete Overview

Millions of individuals across the world use virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent internet censorship and get access to the content they can’t normally watch at home due to a lack of TV channels or cable. VPNs also replace unsecured networks that might potentially reveal your online IP address.

Subscribing to iTop VPN to stream special sporting events from any part of the world means:

  • You can watch different sporting events or movies on multiple devices
  • You get a secure, reliable, fast connection without interruption
  • All your internet traffic efficiently passes through the best VPN tunnel
  • The online media you want to access is unblocked automatically
  • Data transmitted whenever you download anything or browse the internet is completely encrypted to prevent detection.
  • You can watch online media institutes from any country across the world instantly.

Moreover, you can also hide your IP address and prevent prying eyes from tracking your online activity when you use iTop VPN to watch sports or other online media. Access American networks like ABC and NBC from anywhere in the world with blazing fast speeds and complete anonymity by subscribing to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How iTop VPN Unblocks Streaming Content

With an internet cable Television subscription, you may watch a wide variety of TV shows or sports from all around the world, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. Also, if you want to watch all of your favorite US shows with only one subscription, iTop VPN is your best. Over 30 channels are included, including multiple Disney+, ESPN, TNT, Fox Sports, BeIN US, and other networks.

With regards to Sports, its Middle Eastern archives provide a wide variety of sports packages, mainly including the Bundesliga & English Premier League. A virtual private network (VPN) lets you make it seem as if you’re located in a nation where viewing that game through streaming is legal. Using a VPN, you may get access to these and other streaming sites, sign up for a subscription, and then watch anonymously for as long as you want. Interesting, right?

How To Use iTop VPN To Watch Netflix

Here’s how you can use iTop VPN to watch your favorite streaming on Netflix;

1. Not Connected

Step#1. Download and install iTop VPN, and then launch it.

2. Connected

Step#2. Click Connect to bypass the geo-blocking. iTop VPN will choose a smart location for you.


You will get a 700MB free data plan every day without any registration.

If you have already purchased a plan, you should log in.

3. 1800Severs

Step#3. For a certain server to choose, click All Servers and see 1800+ servers.

Step#4. Click Connect to change your location. Download the iTop VPN app on your device on which you want to watch streaming.

5. Unblock Streaming

Step#5. You can also click For Streaming to get a quick connection.

Step#6. After you connect to a server successfully, you can open Netflix or Apps to enjoy your day on Netflix!

Now that you’re completely familiar with the steps you can follow to use the VPN for watching streaming, let’s have a look below to explore how you can watch Netflix without any geo-restriction.

Watch Netflix Without Geo-restriction

The best option to watch Netflix without geo-restriction is using an efficient VPN service. You can also use any remote desktop software, proxy server, or home VPN server to resolve this issue. Remember that each method needs a Netflix subscription. So, make sure that you have the subscription before changing the region or accessing the geo-restricted content or videos.

Using iTop VPN – Top-Notch Perks & Benefits

·      Watch Your Favorite Streaming Quickly and Easily

A virtual private network may be used on any device that can connect to the internet and with any OS. All you have to do is sign up with iTop VPN, install the app on the specific device of your choice, & then connect to servers that provide unrestricted access to live streams of your favorite sites. Isn’t it amazing?

·      Enjoy Online Security With Great Ease

Where internet connectivity is limited, DDoS assaults are widespread. iTop VPN is best to consider if you want to view athletic events from other countries without compromising your privacy or security. It’s safe to use for viewing a big sporting event online because of its encryption and robust DDoS defense.

·      iTop VPN Makes it Easy

A trustable and reliable VPN can really make it super easier to view streaming from across the world. iTop VPN requires very little time to set up. Their high-tech, user-friendly platform takes care of everything, so you don’t have to bother about purchasing any extra gear or navigating any complex settings.

Wrapping Up

Geo-blocking is a very common feature to block movies, sports, and other media from being accessible in particular areas of the globe. But guess what? With a reliable VPN, you can easily access many games from anywhere on different electronic devices. Sign up for the iTop VPN, and you can easily stream your favorite streaming without legal concerns.

Happy Streaming, folks!


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