Kingston has unveiled the latest addition of AMD EXPO certified DDR5 modules to its FURY Beast product line, which are tailored for AMD’s forthcoming AM5 platform and include two factory-tuned profiles as well as one user customizable profile.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB memory kit 1

Featuring a low-profile heat spreader design with impressive frequencies of up to 6000MHz, the Kingston FURY Beast range now includes AMD EXtended Profile for simple overclocking, providing users with maximum performance while also retaining stability. And in case you’re interested, we had previously covered the FURY Beast DDR RGB, so click on this link if you want to find out more!

Both the AMD EXPO certified FURY Beast DDR5 and FURY Beast DDR5 RGB will come in 16GB single modules and 32GB kits of 2 respectively during late September 2022.


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