It’s 2022, and cybercrime has never been more prevalent. From individuals to large corporations, everyone is feeling the rapid increase in cyberattacks.

That’s why it’s critical to keep your data safe. This article will go over the worrying statistics regarding cybercrime and give you actionable steps you can take to avoid falling victim to it.

The Rapid Rise of Cybercrime

World events have dramatically accelerated the digital transformation. The cybersecurity sector wasn’t ready to meet increasing demands, leading to widespread attacks. 2021 saw 700,000 new cybersecurity professionals enter the field. Yet, the global demand for workers still outpaces the supply.

Because of the global talent gap, few companies can afford dedicated support, making them easy targets. Individuals are even less aware of the problem. Many operate with the mindset that they’re “not worthy targets for hackers.” Yet, 47% of adults in the US have had their data exposed by cybercriminals.

To better understand the severity of the situation, here are some more cybercrime stats:

These are just some of the worrying stats that show the rapid rise in cybercrime. And unfortunately, there are no signs of improvement anytime soon.

How to Stay Safe

Thinking you’re not a target won’t stop hackers from trying to get to you. A better approach is to do everything you can to minimize the risk. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to do that:

  • Use strong passwords

Passwords are the first line of defense between a threat actor and your data. To create strong passwords, include numbers, upper-case letters, and special characters. To make using and remembering strong passwords easier, install a password manager.

  • Turn on multi-factor authentication

Protect all accounts that contain any personal or sensitive information with multi-factor authentication. This security method makes it harder for hackers to breach accounts since a password won’t be enough for them to get access.

  • Enable automatic updates for your system and software

Outdated software contains more vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. New updates contain various bug and security fixes that make the software more resilient. Enable automatic updates when possible to avoid using outdated and dangerous software.

  • Be aware of common threats while using the internet

Cybercriminals love it when their victims lose their focus. Most threats are actually quite easy to spot if you look for them. That’s why it’s best to stay aware at all times while you’re online. Avoid clicking on unknown links or attachments and visiting unsafe websites.


Recent cybercrime statistics are worrying, and there are no signs of things getting better soon. The cybersecurity skill gap and rapid digital transformation are the two of the main factors accelerating cybercrime globally.

Individuals and organizations have to protect themselves from attacks. Following the tips above can dramatically reduce cyber vulnerabilities.


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