The recently leaked photo from a partner event further confirms that NVIDIA will be releasing its new GTX cards, the GTX 1660 and GTX 1660 Ti very soon. According to the a number of sources, we can expect NVIDIA to launch the GTX 1660 Ti launch on February 22nd and GTX 1660 later in March.

And as usual, you can also expect to see some leaked photos of the card on videocardz weeks before the launch. Here’s some of the leaked photo of the packaging and renders available so far:

The leaked photos of the GALAX GTX 1660 Ti 1-Click OC clearly shows that the card will be featuring Turing Shaders instead of Ray Tracing. With the absent of RT and Tensor cores, you won’t be able to enable any of the real-time ray tracing feature in any existing and upcoming RTX games. The Turing Shaders will probably be useful for the mesh shading and variable shading as introduced by NVIDIA during the RTX 2080 launch at GAMESCOM 2018.

Other than GALAX, you’ll also find the leaked renders of the GTX 1660 Ti from EVGA and Palit. These are just some of the single fan model you can expect to see very soon. Videocardz mention that there will also be GTX 1660 Ti with dual fan cooler from other partners.

Source: Reddit, videocardz


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