Gigabyte as one of the prominent Intel board partners has finally announced its upcoming Z590 AORUS motherboards which will support the soon to be released 11th gen Intel Core processors and the previously released 10th gen Intel Core processors.

Z590 AORUS Motherboards?

The AORUS motherboard lineup will be the enthusiast-grade Z590 AORUS XTREME, Z590 AORUS MASTER, and the unlisted Z590 AORUS TACHYON, followed by the Z590 AORUS ELITE, Z590 AORUS ELITE AX, Z590 AORUS PRO AX, and Z590I AORUS ULTRA. According to Gigabyte, the new motherboards will feature digital power VRM design up to 20+1 phases to cater for better overclocking performance with the upcoming Intel 11th gen Core processors, support for single-slot 32GB memory modules and XMP 5000MHz, high-speed connectivity such as USB4, Thunderbolt 4, and the long-awaited PCIe 4.0 support.


The flagship Gigabyte Z590 AORUS XTREME will feature a 20+1 phase power design achieved with doublers. The design is capable of delivering up to 2100 Amps using Vishay Sic840 power stages that are rated at 100A each, as well as Tantalum Polymer capacitors to improve the transient response of the VRM. The VRM is equipped with an improved heatsink design, the Fins-Array II which theoretically, cools the VRM better than the previous generation design.

It also features an exclusive SMT Memory DIMM design that utilizes surface adhesion welding technology which Gigabyte claims to be able to reduce signal interference on the memory wiring. Paired with Tantalum polymer capacitors located at the base of the memory slots, we can expect better support for memory kits and memory overclocking capability on the Z590 chipset motherboards, up to 5100MHz+ for XMP profile support.


One step down the Z590 AORUS XTREME is of course the Z590 AORUS MASTER, which features an 18+1 phase digital power design which is also achieved with doublers and capable of delivering up to 1900 Amps with 90A Smart Power Stages. Just like the flagship Z590 AORUS XTREME, it also features Tantalum Polymer capacitors to improve the transient response of the VRM.

While it doesn’t have any exclusive technology on the memory DIMM part like what the Z590 AORUS XTREME has, it’s still capable of up to 5000MHz+ for XMP profile support.



As for the Z590 AORUS TACHYON, it’s the much-anticipated overclocking motherboard of its Z590 lineup as according to Gigabyte. Unlike the flagship Z590 AORUS XTREME, the Z590 AORUS TACHYON will feature a 12+1 phase digital power design but comes with an exclusive Overclocking kit of robust overclocking buttons and detection features that enable overclockers to have full control of the motherboard during an overclocking session.

There’s not much information available as of now, but Gigabyte has confirmed that the Z590 AORUS TACHYON will be the successor of the SOC series that is tailored for the overclockers.


Unlike the enthusiasts-oriented AORUS XTREME and AORUS MASTER, these boards are more focused on the essentials for gamers and mainstream users. You’ll still get the essential features on a Z590 chipset and can overclock on these boards, but with fewer features, if compared to the enthusiasts-grade options.

Both Z590I AORUS ULTRA and Z590 AORUS PRO AX will have 90A Smart Power Stage for the power design, while the AORUS ELITE AX and AORUS ELITE are equipped with 60A DrMOS power stages. Other than the Z590I AORUS ULTRA with a 10+1 phase design, the rest of the boards will have a 12+1 phase design.

Z590 VISION, Ultra Durable, Gaming X

Other Z590 chipset motherboards from Gigabyte includes the VISION for the content creators, as well as Ultra Durable and Gaming X for the mainstream users.

Tailor-made for the content creators, the VISION series motherboards offer not only reliable performance and all the new features on the new Intel Z590 chipset but also the GIGABYTE VisionLINK connectivity that connects your devices with a single USB-C cable, keeping your workspace clean and tidy.

The Ultra Durable and Gaming X for the mainstream users will not be as fancy as the AORUS boards but it’ll still come with all the essential features the new Intel Z590 chipset has to offer, especially the much-anticipated PCIe 4.0 standard which is now available with the 11th Gen Intel Core processors.

Price & Availability?

Now for the price and availability, Gigabyte has yet to reveal any information on the pricing and release date of its new Z590 chipset motherboards but we’ll keep you guys updated as soon as we receive any new updates from Gigabyte Malaysia.

For now, you can visit the Gigabyte AORUS website to learn more about the newly announced Z590 AORUS XTREME and Z590 AORUS MASTER.


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  2. We were only told that there will be a Z590 TACHYON for the Z590 chipset boards. Will try to request for one if it’s possible, and show you guys what kind of features you can expect to see on the Tachyon and will it be or will it not, better than the Z590 AORUS XTREME.

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