Are you one of those gamers where GIGABYTE is your preferred choice but AORUS line of products are either too pricy or too flashy for your taste? Well, the company has announced its latest line of products under its standard branding, the EAGLE lineup of GPUs where the balance of price, performance, and appearance is achieved.

The EAGLE series is an all-new lineup for users looking out for GPUs that have adequate cooling and performance with a color scheme that is not too flashy. The use of matte-grey and fluorescent blue etched “EAGLE” branding gives off a TRON vibe and honestly not too bad of a choice from GIGABYTE in my opinion. The first NVIDIA card that gets the “EAGLE” treatment is the GTX1650 that features a factory-overclocked core clock at 1815MHz, 896 CUDA cores, 4GB GDDR6 memory clocked at 12 Gbps, and 128-bit memory bus with 192 GB/s total bandwidth.


This model features the renowned WINDFORCE cooling solution in a 2x form factor where each 90mm fan spins in alternate directions coupled with a composite copper heat pipe that is in direct contact with the GPU die to provide a better airflow pathway so the heat gets dissipated faster while the Low Profile version with a single fan is designed for small form factor users who are looking for a performance that comes in small packages. Details for Low Profile models are yet to be announced.

Being an NVIDIA card, features such as G-SYNC, HDR, and RTX Voice (It works on GTX cards too apparently) will be available as well. With its higher clock speed, you might be able to squeeze out some extra frames to fully enjoy your 144Hz refresh rate display.


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