The GIGABYTE AI New Era: Humanity X Art X Technology exhibition at Computex 2024 wasn’t just about showcasing hardware. It was an interactive playground where visitors experienced the transformative power of Generative AI firsthand.

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Delving deeper into the exhibition, the final demo section showcased how AI can seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, enhancing productivity and creativity. This section stood out for its emphasis on AI’s potential through interactive exploration.

Unlike typical computer product exhibitions, visitors weren’t limited to product displays. Instead, they received hands-on access to various AI-powered PC setups with different hardware configurations. This allowed them to experience the impact of AI on creative workflows across various spectrums. Whether a seasoned professional or a beginner, anyone could experiment with AI tools and see how they could enhance their creativity.

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Visitors were guided through various real-life scenarios, demonstrating how GIGABYTE AI PCs can empower individuals to explore the limitless possibilities of AI. The exhibition had the privilege of featuring renowned filmmaker Hugh Hou, a three-time Emmy Award nominee, as the curator of the “AI Lifestyle Applications” zone.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, Hou shared his expertise on the latest one-stop professional workflow for creating immersive videos. This insightful presentation provided valuable guidance to videographers, enabling them to explore, learn, and produce limitless content.

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GIGABYTE also showcased a range of groundbreaking AI applications using PC and laptops powered by GeForce RTX graphics cards. These demonstrations highlighted the transformative power of AI in various aspects of content creation.

Stable Diffusion and Colorful took center stage again, empowering visitors to experiment with real-time image editing. By simply modifying an existing image, the AI would generate a corresponding edited image, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of the RTX 4070 GPU within the AORUS 16X 2024 laptop.

Featuring a captivating demonstration of AI-generated images from text utilizing the RTX 4060 GPU of the GIGABYTE G6X 2024 laptop, this application showcased the power of local AI generation, transforming text descriptions into stunning visuals.

Harnessing the power of Stable Diffusion and Colorful – v8.0, along with the RTX 4090 GPU of the AORUS 17X 2024 laptop, visitors witnessed an AI-powered video enhancement application in action. This innovative tool automatically transforms live video feeds captured from webcams, elevating the visual quality and adding creative effects.

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Numerous displays showcased the versatility of AI in hybrid workflows, highlighting its ability to streamline and enhance various tasks. One such example demonstrated the use of TensorRT to accelerate image processing, significantly improving efficiency.

The world of virtual reality was brought to life with captivating AI-powered VR applications. Visitors were immersed in interactive experiences, demonstrating the transformative potential of AI in enhancing VR environments.

There’s also a corner at this section that showcases the remarkable capabilities of AI in photo restoration. Visitors witnessed how AI could bring old, damaged photographs back to life, restoring their clarity and preserving precious memories.

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The GIGABYTE AI New Era Exhibition went beyond simply showcasing hardware. It provided a compelling and practical demonstration of how AI can empower users of all levels to explore their creativity, enhance their productivity, and transform their daily lives. From kickstarting ideas to streamlining workflows, the exhibition showcased how generative AI can be a powerful tool for individuals and businesses alike.


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