GIGABYTE has announced the latest BIOS update for its AMD platform motherboards to ensure users can embrace the performance boost, high compatibility, and high stability of 3rd gen AMD Ryzen XT Series desktop processors.

In order to furnish the best performance and user experience, AMD has been working closely with GIGABYTE and other motherboard vendors to provide BIOS code updates regularly for optimizing system performance or solving the issues verified by motherboard vendors. Adapted to the latest 3rd gen are AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT, Ryzen 5 3600XT processors. AMD provides AGESA ComboV2 BIOS for X570 and B550 chipset motherboards, and AGESA ComboV1 BIOS for X470, B450 ,X370, B350, and A320 chipsets products.

Although GIGABYTE motherboards can support 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen XT series processors without a BIOS update, based on the insistence of providing users better product experiences, GIGABYTE RD started relative verification right after receiving the new BIOS code. After discussion and back and forth modifications with AMD, the updated BIOS will be uploaded to the official website for download.

With the AMD AGESA ComboV2 and ComboV1 BIOS update, the compatibility, and reliability between the 3rd gen AMD Ryzen XT series processors and motherboards are enhanced, as well as boosting the performance and overclocking ability of the latest processors. Users can update the latest BIOS to motherboards through multiple ways such as GIGABYTE BIOS, Q-Flash. With Q-Flash Plus on the X570 and B550 series motherboards, users can easily update BIOS without even installing a processor, memory, graphics cards, so they can enjoy the new BIOS easily and take full advantage of the new processors.

The latest BIOS of GIGABYTE AMD X570, B550 motherboards are available on GIGABYTE website, others will be continually uploaded to the official website, users can download to optimize their systems. Please follow GIGABYTE official website for the latest BIOS update.

Gigabyte AORUS B550 Motherboards Ryzen 3000XT XT Series Featured

AMD Platform Motherboard BIOS List

ChipsetBIOS version

*Note: Please update BIOS to F3 version on B550 AORUS MASTER and B450M AORUS ELITE motherboards, and update to F2 version on the B450M H motherboard. For more BIOS support information, please check the CPU support list of the official GIGABYTE website.

For more information and news on GIGABYTE products, please visit the official GIGABYTE website:


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