After showing off its high-performance DDR4 memory kit back at Computex 2019, Gigabyte finally announced the launch of its new high-performance DDR4 memory kit, the AORUS RGB MEMORY 4400MHz. It’s been quite a while since Gigabyte first enters the memory market with its AORUS RGB DDR4-3200 but we have yet to see any DDR4 memory kit with astounding speeds and most of the high-performance memory we’ve seen from Gigabyte are mostly prototype design displayed during Computex.

The AORUS RGB MEMORY 4400MHz features the highly endorsed Hynix D die, with the specification of 8GB*2 DDR4 XMP4400MHz and 19-26-26-46 timing. It’s equipped with an Aluminum heatsink which has been anodized with a hairline surface, along with printings on the top, presenting low-pitched tactile quality, and creating a concise style of fashion design for a sleek, metallic look. The main body of the heatsinks is chamfered so users won’t scrape their fingers when seating the memory kits.

From the information we’ve received from Gigabyte, the newly released AORUS RGB MEMORY 4400MHz is certified for the high-end platform of INTEL Z490 and AMD X570, offering distinguished quality and performance, with guaranteed stability and backed by a lifetime warranty. Through RGB 2.0 support, users can create personal stylish lighting among DRAM and system components with a balance of performance, budget, and fashion.

GIGABYTE AORUS RGB MEMORY 4400MHz 16GB will be available at the end of 2020 Q2. For more details, please refer to the official AORUS website:


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